Shots fired during downtown brawl in Lewiston

Horton Street Shooting
Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Derrick St. Laurent of the Criminal Investigations Division of the Lewiston Police Department marks a pair of sandals that witnesses say were worn by a man who shot at others who were running from a confrontation on Horton Street on Friday. The other markers on the ground are for bullet casings.

LEWISTON — More shots were fired downtown Friday and witnesses said it came to a halt only when a machine-gun-style weapon jammed and the shooter fled.

Nobody was struck by gunfire but by the time it was over, bullets had punched holes in the side of a nearby apartment building. Three men were captured and later arrested.

It happened on Horton Street at about 5:30 p.m. Witnesses said several shots — possibly more than a dozen — were fired by a man who stood in the street, firing first in the air and then at a group of people who were running away.

One man who lives in an apartment near the scene said a fight between two groups of people led to the shots. One group of men had jumped a smaller group, he said, and then an all-out brawl began in the street.

Soon after, a tall, skinny man pulled out a Mac-10 and fired into the air, a witness said.

"He just fired over and over straight up in the air," said Bryan Morin, who witnessed the fight. "Then he brought the gun down and started firing down the street."

After the gun jammed, the shooter fled on foot, witnesses said, leaving his sandals behind in the street. One woman said she watched him scale a fence in his bare feet as he fled.

Several police officers arrived and found the gun at the scene. They believe another gun was also involved but by early Saturday, it had not been found.

Minutes after the shots were fired, police began looking for a car seen being driven away from Horton Street. A short time later, a police officer spotted the car, a blue Dodge Charger, and followed it into the parking lot at Elizabeth Ann, a convenience store at Sabattus Street and East Avenue.

"Officer Brian Beauparlant came right in behind the car and he got them out of there at gunpoint," a store clerk said.

Two men were removed from the car and taken into custody, police said. Another man was found back in the area of Horton Street and also was taken to the police station.

The three men, all from Lewiston, were arrested after questioning.

Kareem Johnson, 28, and Robert Buck, 22, were charged with reckless conduct. Johnson lists a North Carolina address, but police say he had been living in Lewiston.

Nijie Bradley, 22, was arrested on a probation hold as part of the investigation, police said.  The three men were taken to the Androscoggin County Jail in Auburn.

On Horton Street, it was chaos in the minutes following the shooting. More than 100 people watched from sidewalks, windows and front porches as police sorted out the scene.

One apartment house sustained damage from bullet holes on the second and third floors, police said.

It was the third shooting incident in a week in downtown Lewiston.

"Auburn is looking better and better all the time," one woman said.

One man at the scene said he was on Horton Street looking for an apartment to rent when the shots were fired. He'll probably look elsewhere, the man said.

Police were questioning the suspects, as well as several witnesses, and could not say exactly what motivated the fight and the subsequent shots.

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Steve  Dosh's picture

Shots fired during downtown brawl in Lewiston

. .Mark ,
Willie Horton street , huh ?
Guns don't kill p e o p l e , right ¿
/s Steve , peacenik

 's picture

gun shots

It is not Just Lewiston that is suffering this bad reputation, it seems to be happening all over the country. The worst thing is that people are blaming Pres. Obama for the poor economy, it was 8 years of the Geo W. Bush administration, that put the economy in such poor shape that it will and can never be repaired.

Nick Gagnon's picture


I think it's sad that everything is blamed on one politician or another. These things that are happening in Lewiston do not have much to do with the economy or jobs. These people are scumbags that wouldn't work if they were offered a job for 25 bucks an hour. They're lazy and they know there's more money in selling drugs. I don't think most people realize how much money these turds make selling their garbage. Now the violence is happening over turf and rival gangs moving in. Don't be blind folks. This is real stuff happening and as long as there are so many "crack heads" willing to buy this trash, the dealers will not go anywhere and they will multiply.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Hey ! Careful who you call

Hey !
Careful who you call scum ( scum rises to the top ;)
You are correct
In fact all the comments posted here contain large grains of truth
We all seem to agree ( for once ) . Gangs will not rule unless you ( you ) let them , Paul
Between the DNA ( Drugs 'n Alcohol ) , ice , oxycontin , crystal meth , crack cocaine , cigarettes , oxcodine , guns and now bath salts ( and other forms of hillbilly heroin ) you are facing a health crisis and epidemic they'ya . It seems endemic to Loystone [ sic.]
Didn't the other headline today read " Four Trauma Doctors Leave CMCC ? "
Prevention is the best cure
Volunteer ?
It's your communities, your kids and your future
Inaction and doing no thing is not an option
/s Steve

Nick Gagnon's picture

Tougher Sentencing

Tougher G-DAMN sentencinating would help! People cry about how much tax mooney is spent n housing criminals. I am a tax payer and I DON'T CARE! It needs to be spent. Do away with "Drug Court" and "Maine Pre-Trial and put these people where they belong. It's time to get real. Judges, please, take some time out on some weekend nights and go do some ride-alongs with these officers. They put hours in and lots of tax money into responding and investigating these incidents, not to mention how their lives are on the line because of this BS! Go out and see what they put up with nightly and please...STOP letting these thugs off easy. I am tired of seeing drug court, re-trial contracts and probation. Drive them out of our state. Mandatory minimums with no room to "add or remove verbage" in the charge to get around sentencing them to MANDATORY minimums. Look at all the names of these criminals and where they are actually from. Mass, NY, PA...they come here fr a reason. Get guns, sell drugs and welfare. "Hey, where did you get this thousand dollars in 20 dollar bills that's in your pocket?" "Oh, I just got my disability check." Sure, and I am Christopher Columbus and the world is flat. That's why you are known to sell drugs in the street right. GO HOME!!!

Nick Gagnon's picture


Sorry about the spelling. My paycheck won't allow me to get a new computer (I pay taxes) so mine has a few problems. If I didn't have a job, maybe DHHS would buy me a computer. This one has a bad keyboard



Years ago at a teacher training we were told that we were not preparing our students for the real world because they were not being exposed to different cultures. The speaker claimed they would have difficulty adjusting and that it would cause a lot of anxiety for them in the future because there is no such thing as an all white state or city anywhere in this country anymore. It appears it has come to pass. I don't see the advantage of eliminating programs that give poor people a hand up like the lady who lived in public housing with her baby while she got training and a better job. That will not solve a crime problem in fact it may make it worse. Thugs, gang bangers, drug dealers are another story altogether. They should get what they have coming and better yet be driven away by intensive police vigilance. It occurs to me that this is not just a Lewiston problem though since some of the shooters were from Livermore and the man who was shot was from Casco and came here to meet with his shooter. I don't see this as a welfare problem but as a crime problem which needs to be solved by the usual crime solving menthods.

 's picture

well of course as a committed

well of course as a committed leftist, you wouldn't see welfare as a problem. Riddle me this batman; I started working at the post office in Lewiston in 1988 and delivered a lot of welfare checks and food stamps. When I left in Jan 2011 I was delivering a lot of welfare checks to the grandchildren of those original welfare recipients. Three generations in a quarter of a century? Maybe you should look in the mirror and see part of the problem looking back. We don't need more money for schools, we need teachers that are not indoctrination specialists ,we need teachers that are capable of teaching english, science, math and history instead of recycling and self-esteem. No amount of preaching about multi-cultualrism is going to change the basic human nature of seeking out like minded individuals, be it hard working tax paying people or drug addled lazy layabouts. I can prove it; I don't see the faculty from Bates living in the inner city any more than you see the faculty of Yale living in East Hartford. You talk a good game but it is all lies and rubbish for "others" to consume. Go sell crazy somewhere else, it looks like Lewiston is all stocked up.
reporting from an undisclosed location in the mountains of East Tennessee

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Wow...great post, man.,

Wow...great post, man.,


Art walk vs brawl and shooting

In an effort to be honest and pragmatic, I will go against the grain and voice my opinion instead of being totally factual like I try to be when reporting for the Sun Journal. As a journalist, I would much rather produce a video of a shooting downtown than an art walk. It is more compelling and will have many more views. However, as a lifelong resident living just a few blocks from this latest shooting, I am appalled. I love that a group of proud residents have poured their hearts and savings into trying to make this a better place, highlighting the talents of our local artists, give them exposure, and creating venues to attract non locals. However, with all these thugs, drug dealers and welfare slugs taking over our city, it will not be surprising to see fewer cultural events springing up. Upper Lisbon Street is returning to it's former glory of better times. However, drive around the corner and it looks like the hood in Boston. A few comments were right on about these people who come to LA for the easy handout. Not only do they drain our welfare programs and keep our police busy, but the hospitals, public works, and every city funded program is stretched to the limits. Talk to a UPS driver, letter carrier, CMP, phone or cable installer who spends time in the downtown area and they will give you an earful. The examples go on and on and I should not be using this forum to pontificate as I am supposed to be non biased, but I am frustrated that the city I grew up in and choose to raise my family in is falling apart. We all need to put pressure on our local and state officials to change the policies that allow these freeloaders to thrive in our city. I urge all of you to write letters, make phone calls and send emails to our elected officials urging them to do so. If you take the time to write in these forums, take a little more contacting those who can exercise change. We will never see the city the way it was when we were young, but we can keep it from getting worse.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Well stated, Russ...I

Well stated, Russ...I empathize with any native Lewistonian who has witnessed this morphing of their City. I moved here in 1975, and yes, it had its problems, but it was an oasis compared to some of the larger cities I'd lived in. The last 10 years have been remarkable in how the low lifes have moved in and have obviously taken over. Downtown is a combat zone and if the cops don't start treating it as shuch they're going to lose control of it. Right now, the thugs are fighting among themselves for power and control. Once that's established, innocent people will be the targets. The gangs will rule.

 's picture

Keep those rose colored

Keep those rose colored glasses on Claire, everything is Ok. I just hope you don't get caught in the crossfire.


loving the roses

Lewiston did not acquire the reputation that it had years ago because the Lisbon Street bar district and downtown tenements were wholesome. We changed our image before and drastically lowered our crime rate largely with urban renewal and police involvement. We could do it again. And while I'm on the subject I would like to let those folks who come here from the surrounding towns to buy drugs, weapons et al that you also are not welcome here. If your town is so boring and your imagination so lacking that you can't think of anything else to do with your time or your money on the week-end than to come to Lewiston to buy drugs or rob a Rite-Aid you are pathetic and you bear a share of the responsibility for any innocent child or senior who gets hurt.


Draw The Bridges



Downtown Lewiston

Last night I was at the Art Walk downtown and saw the real Lewiston. Lots of nice folks socializing and appreciating art. Best of all there were all kinds of folks there; young families, seniors , white collar folks mingling with artsy folks folks of different races and nationalities. No shooting, no drug deals just art, music, good food and friendliness. Obviously we have acquired a criminal element which represents a small, unwelcome minority. I resent the implication that everyone who lives in these neighborhoods is a criminal. Most of the people who live there are kids, moms and dads and seniors who live there because they have no other choice. They deserve to be protected from this criminal element as much as the rest of us. We need heightened police involvement . Enough involvement to make things really uncomfortable for these guys. They should be the ones looking to move to Auburn. Special task force, police station in the neighborhood, foot patrols whatever it takes to clean this up. This is the result of cutbacks in state funding to the cities, and cutbacks in mental health care and cutbacks in drug rehabilitation, cutbacks in parole supervision. If we need to spend money to get rid of these guys then we should.

 's picture

I Do Agree Somewhat However..........

As of late there have been just far too many of these instances happening Now we can try to place the blame on state funding cutbacks However 30 years ago these same streets were great places to live and work What is happening here is the same as major cities across the United States.

Drugs and crime how to rid the area of those two things is something that surely is going to take a vast amount of work.

I certainly do not have the answer But trying to lay blame on the current administration in Augusta just makes no sense.

That would be like blaming Washington as well. There are people who are working hard to improve the Lewiston area and create a better image for people to see and attract new business here and those people have my thanks However until the crime and drug problem gets taken care of no amount of work will erase this image that has been here for far too long.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

This is not a state problem.

This is not a state problem. This is a Lewiston problem and Lewiston is going to have to resolve it or innocent Lewiston residents are going to be dieing in the streets at the hands of thugs who weren't even here six months ago.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

This is so sad....

I get this gut wrenching pain every time I read one of these stories. Three in one week, that's out of hand.
I get kidded a lot about being from Massachusetts, I moved here in nineteen eighty three. I moved here for the way of life, the people I met, and to get away from the crime and violence of Boston. I wanted a job where I didn't have to carry a gun with me to and from work. I actually got pulled over in Roxbury one night at about two in the morning, because I stopped at a red light. Back then, and now as far as I know, you handed the officer your drivers license, and your permit to carry, then your registration. If you were lucky the officer saw your permit before he saw the weapon on the passengers seat.
That's what I left behind. I came here with a totally open mind, and a whole new outlook on life. Whats important is I came here, but I left Massachusetts, there. Some one posted, What the hell has happened to this city? What's happened is to many people move here, but bring their attitudes and life style with them. Its been a roller coaster ride around here for twenty years or so, and that ride isn't over yet.
I know this is going to sound like a broken record, but it's true. Being able to move here, and receive support benefits immediately, is a big part of the problem.
If there were work requirements, having to work or show proof of income for three years, before you even qualify for any benefits. See how many people come here then. Until this state stops enabling people to just show up, and receive instant help. This roller coaster ride will never end, Its just going to get worse. That attitude is what created this problem in the first place, now it has to stop.....

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Spot on Frank...the most

Spot on Frank...the most effective way of getting rid of roaches and rodents is to take away the food supply.

 's picture

Where the problem lies....

When I was 18 years old, I gave birth to my son. I lived in Portland, and attended college full time and worked full time. It wasn't easy, but I did it with the help of Portland Public Housing. What killed me though was that their rule is that you pay 1/3 of your income, so since I earned 8 dollars an hour, 40 hours a week, I had to pay $500 for rent. The people who were on the welfare program only had to account for their welfare check (not the amount of their food stamps, fuel assistance, clothing vouchers, daycare subsities, and other assistance amounts, so they only had to pay $100 a month. Since I had to pay for all of those "amenities" out of my hard earned cash, I was always broke. Since they did not, they had money to blow on alcohol, drugs, and other activities that did not produce any sort of motivation for them to return to the work force. This is where the problem lies. If you are handed everything and you do not need to work for it, you are not going to be inclined to look for work. If you feel the sting of just barely being able to make it, paycheck to paycheck, than not only are you motivated to work harder, but even more motivated to STAY working.



You are the reason these programs were created, I applaude your hard work..

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Liberalism has made working

Liberalism has made working for a living unprofitable. You can earn more (in benefits) by just staying home.

 's picture

Daily Disgust

Seems like every day lately there is a shooting, stabbing, robbery, or some other horrendous act in the Twin Cities. This area is starting to resemble the larger inner cities more and more. It makes me sick to think about the children that have to grow up in the heart of Lewiston, and have to witness this deterioration of a once wonderful safe city,

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

We are witnessing the results

We are witnessing the results of easy welfare and section 8 housing; and, the monster continues to grow.

Take back Lewiston

As a young child I lived in the city of Lewiston and remember it as a really nice place to live. Then when I was 5 years old, my parents moved us to the outskirts of the city to finish raising us, but the downtown area was always such a nice place to go shopping and visit. What the hell happened to our city??? They have opened the doors to so many none civilians and pretty much given it away to people that were never part of this culture. Along with the people came their violent way of life and this is the outcome of it. Anyone that wants to find a decent place to live anymore, knows enough to steer clear of the downtown area of Lewiston, which is so sad. I hope this gets to stay in the comment section and doesn't get deleted because of the mention of none civilians...but I am just speaking my mind. It is time to take the city back because they have ignored the cries of the good people that have lived here ALL of their lives. Does everyone that is living in the downtown area have to move out, to make room for the scum that is moving in?? Yes it is time to wake up and take it back..

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Do you mean non citizens?

Do you mean non citizens?


That is what I meant..grammar natzi

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You said civilians twice; I

You said civilians twice; I figured you might have needed some help. By the way, that isn't how you spell nazi, either.


That is what I meant..grammar natzi

Randall Pond's picture

It's Time To Clean up Lewiston!

It's Time to Clean up Lewiston and Get the Scum out of here that Have Made This City that in 2007 got the Award for Greatest City. it's time to Send these Criminals to Jail or back to Where they Came from!

It's Time we Crack Down on DHHS Handing out Benefits to anyone that applies that is NOT a Resident of Maine. It's Time we Start Neighborhood Watches and Take Back The City of Lewiston to the free the Honest and The Just!


PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I remember a few years back

I remember a few years back Curtis Sliwa and some of his 'Guardian Angels' came to Lewiston for a spell. Maybe it's time for Curtis to pay Lewiston another visit.

Sad Situation

It used to be so nice here :( .

Sandra Coulombe's picture

This is really getting out of

This is really getting out of hand. I am very glad there were no innocent people shot. All too often with cases like this where someone just opens fire like that bullets pierce nearby buildings and someone totally uninvolved is injured many times an innocent child. I am a firm believer and supporter of our constitution but with those freedoms come responsibility so if anyone out there has information on any of these recent shootings man up to your civic responsibility and call the police with that information.

 's picture


It was crazy.... The scary part was my 8 yr old daughter had just come inside from riding her bike like 5 mins before it all started. One of the casing was barely 5 feet from where she was drawing on the sidewalk. One of the men scaled my fence, a few mins later we found bullet casings at the end of my driveway. This is the third time this week! Time to get out of here. No wonder its called dirty lewiston. I dont want to think what might have happened had my daughter not come inside when she did.


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