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Auburn roundabout near Walmart is very danger & confusing!.It takes me good 10 seconds to figure out which direction to go to.

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One shot

Lets give Mr. Soule a chance and see what he can do.

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Just because he adopted a black kid doesn't mean he is NOT racist. Every time someone questions his bigotry, he defends him self by saying "My son is black" BS!

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Which religion?

""What's that your religion says its a sin to use birth control, fine your religion can support you not my tax dollars!""

Just curious which religion you are targeting here?

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Congratulations to all of them. Well done!

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Hey Richard, how come you never made similar comment to the baby that was born last year?

Anthony and Jessica Cline of Auburn hold their daughter, Natalie Jayne, born at 8:29 a.m. Sunday, New Year's Day, at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston.

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disgusting human being!

Richard, Your blood racism limit is 100% above the legal limit of human being making such idiotic comment. Clearly you are attacking this young mother based of her skin color, her name and the outfit she is wearing. SHAME ON YOU!!

If you wanna make racist comment or welfare comments, I suggest you wait for the appropriate subject. YOU ARE SICK PERSON WHO NEEDS HELP!!

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Jim, he was not an election

Jim, he was not an election judge. He was "A poll-watcher for the Republican Party" It is not his job to question anyone whether they are legal or illegal.

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Gervis Legere Said

"had a feeling" that the women were not citizens, but did not want to proceed with the challenge because he had no proof" What prompted him to be suspicious? The color of their skin? Their outfit? How does he know if they are a US citizen or not? Do I have to bring my US passport in order to vote? SHAME ON YOU MR. LEGERE!!

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You're a bitter man with full

You're a bitter man with full of hateful toward EVERYONE. Get a life!