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I don't know how you guys keep your jobs

We spent multiple BILLIONS of dollars building plants and making these weapons, billions more storing them for decades, and never used them.
Now we're spending billions more to destroy them and billions more tearing down those plants.

And NOW.....

Plants BEING BUILT in Colorado and Kentucky will destroy MOST of the remaining U.S. cache with a chemical process to make it harmless.

The thing american government does BEST is WASTE money.

Well played you %(&&^%#( idiots, well played.

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how very true

"It occurs to me that the people who fret about pot are way, way more confused and fuzzy-headed than the people who smoke it. "

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I believe...

... Maine has an open carry law that requires your gun to be visible at all times.

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keeping in mind that ...

...all that free government money comes out of your other pocket.

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I concur

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My friends and family

have had to pare our expenditures down to some very bare levels of late. Wouldn 't it make sense for the govt. to do the same?
I vote no across the board. The time to cut back is NOW!

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I wish...

...that you officers would do some research into this BEFORE choosing your position.
I am sure that a session of un-biased fact seeking would open your eyes to the falsehoods you currently believe to be facts.

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Our tax dollars hard at work

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Seriously outdated

I don't want to know what the price was in June, I need to know the price today and the projected price over the next few weeks. I didn't find the info useful at all.