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Well this happened to my

Well this happened to my husband in 2002. Different doctor but same type of diagnosis thru CMMC.
Mothers Day weekend my husband was told he had Pancreatic Cancer and to get his affairs in order. He was in his mid 40's at that time. I started researching this type of cancer and was not sure that is what he had based on his symptom etc. So I made him go to the Lahey Clinic in Mass for a confirmed diagnonis. After a few weeks of thinking he had cancer it was determined to be a tumor and was treatable with surgery. . Thousands of dollars later !
Happy for Wendall that it was wrong and hope he does recover from what is the real issue. I understand what his family has gone thru and I don't wish that on anyone.

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When I went to school

If you do not feel it was safe then keep your child home or drive them in yourself on your way to work. Always consider your safety but come on its Maine and it snows often.