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Maine's Dark Skies Must Be Protected

I grew up on a farm in northeastern Maine and remember how incredible those dark skies were, year round, with the addition of the delightful splash of the Northern Lights. Alas, less than a mile from my boyhood farm, 7 miles of ridges were blasted away and now an array of huge ugly wind turbines of the Rollins Wind project light the night sky with their required aviation warning lights. It is the same now for Acadia, as across Frenchman's Bay, clearly in view of this national treasure is the Bull Hill array of 479 ft tall wind turbines with the red aviation lights. Even worse, more are being constructed clearly within sight of the park and soon to be on the doorstep of Baxter State Park according to plans by First Wind. This evil, greedy company developed both of these wind projects. They do not care about destroying Maine's natural resources or scenic vistas, the dark skies included. All they care about is reaping taxpayer subsidies and selling Enron-inspired RECs.

There is a huge value to the dark night skies. If the onslaught of industrial wind turbines in Maine continues, there will be hundreds of miles of destroyed Maine uplands with thousands of wind turbines that ruin the scenic values both day and night. The brilliant night skies will bring tourists to Maine and have a greater economic impact than wind turbines we don't need. Maine should become a designated "Dark Sky Sanctuary", something that helps define Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia.

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Way Off Base, as Usual

Isn't it convenient for you to live in Auburn and support the destruction of our beautiful rural landscapes, permanent disfiguring of millenia old mountain ridges, and have no understanding of the effects of relentless noise and LF emanating from wind turbines, which have their own unique sound character much different than the noise you put up with in an urban setting.

Your ignorant support of wind power is shown by your completely unfounded statements #2 & 3. Get your facts correct and when making misleading statements, provide credible references.

Your last statement is the typical red herring thrown out by supporters of wind power. It is a well established principle that there is an over-riding public interest in regulating land use. Massive turbines built over sprawling sites are out of scale and out of place in undeveloped regions, degrade the environment, impact people's health and property values, diminish important segments of the $10 billion per year tourism, and will drive up electricity costs. Yes, Jason, there are numerous public interests in land use for the wind industry.

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Poor choice of Analogy

Jason, I agree that choosing an analogy to child molesters was a poor choice. People do get carried away with feelings. Having said that, I agree totally with the post.

Industrial wind power is a despicable scam. We are destroying our beautiful state for a folly that doesn't work and taxpayers are lining the pockets of the scamsters and this useless source of expensive electricity will drive electricity bills sky high if we are ever foolish enough to allow the various state arbitrary RPS to be realized. Seabrook is the largest single source of electricity generated within ISO New England, at 1400 MW. It will take roughly 2,000 wind turbines (3 MW each @ 25% capacity factor) to make up the MW that we get from Seabrook. I hope you get a turbine in your backyard and the noise drives you crazy and the LF sound waves make your home uninhabitable. Then maybe you will decide wind power is despicable.

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Only the beginning

The Molunkus proposal is only the beginning of the ravaging of ridges on the doorstep of Baxter State Park & highly visible terrain from Mt. Katahdin. The 57 mile long transmission line from Oakfield to Mattawamkeag will be the catalyst for projects developed around existing met towers in Stacyville, Island Falls and Sherman that we know of, and likely more. This follows the pattern of adding Stetson II, Rollins, and the twice denied Bowers Mt. projects to the transmission line running from Stetson Mt. to Mattawamkeag.

First Wind convinced Emera to rescue it from bankruptcy by promising the development of seemingly wind turbines on every ridge in northeastern Maine and now these thieves have moved into the upper Kennebec region, as noted by Jonathan Carter. Now, action by the Connecticut Legislature to start implementing the "Renewable Portfolio Stanrd" of forcing expensive renewable-derived electricity on CT ratepayers has opened the opportunity for First Wind and others to put in large outlandishly lucrative Purchase Power Agreements, which in turn open the floodgates for financing what is essentially a scam.

We must do everything we can to take action to defeat these projects before Maine is turned into a wind turbine plantation, ruining our vaunted quality of place and the tourism industry it attracts.

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Judy Drury is Right

Judy Drury is right. This is all speculative, with the wind company skewing everything to be positive for them. The DEP never asks the tough questions and never draws the line in saying "this project is denied because what the wind company promises cannot be proven."

What is proven is that wind power is a terribly unpredictable, unreliable, non-dispatachable, and expensive source of electricity. There is a track record of data provided by the wind industry in Maine to FERC. In 2012, the capacity factor for Maine's major wind projects was 24.27%.

There is no reason whatsoever to think that Canton Mt. will produce any better and likely will do worse. Patriot Renewables operates the Spruce Mt. wind project in Woodstock and they won't divulge its output and due to the size is not required by FERC to file. One would think if the performance was as good as the marvelous projections in the application, Patriot Renewables would want to brag.

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Must Be Nice

Must be nice to be young, full of idealism, and be paid by George Soros and Al Gore and their cabal to spread this silly idealistic message. I want a strong sustainable economy that runs on real power. If these people had their way, we would have constant brownouts and rolling blackouts, there would be no manufacturing base left at all due to nothing to power it, and nobody could afford to go anywhere. At the same time that we would have inadequate power, "America the Beautiful" would be covered in wind turbines and solar arrays "from sea to shining sea".

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There You Go Again

Kim, if your remarks weren't so outrageously pathetic, they would be laughable. Especially your reiteration of the cliches, which does nothing to provide credibility. Did you miss my disclaimer that I am an enrolled Democrat? My critique of government and the forces at play are quite even handed because I delve into public policy with an open and analytical mind, not locked into ideologic doctrine. If there was more of this, moderates from both parties and the large group of unenrolled independents would find common ground to move Maine and our country forward.

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No Segment

I am in no "segment". But I happen to be highly knowledgeable about concepts like energy density, capacity factors, and the economics of the electricity grid. Wind power is a huge failure on all counts. Sprawling industrial wind sites destroy our mountains for a folly that wouldn't exist without unduly favorable subsidies, tax schemes and heinous arbitrary mandates known as RPS. Instead of accepting 20+ years of wind industry propaganda, look into facts that show wind power clearly is a loser.

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You are so Filled with Hatred

You are so Filled with Hatred and that is a major part of what is wrong with the political system these days. Calling people names doesn't help. As for me, I have lived in and loved and promoted our beautiful state for 63 years. I have participated and contributed much through those years, so I don't need your snide remark about coming up for air or living under a rock. How about contributing something of substance to this discourse? From my perspective, Gov. LePage has been a fresh air blowing out the staleness of essentially one party rule throughout the King and Baldacci administrations. He has succeeded in stirring things up and offering a different way to get Maine moving. Could it be that a state with lower taxes, that lives within its means, and that solves the high energy cost and business overhead dilemma while maintaining natural resource integrity can become more prosperous?

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Way off base, Kim

It is nice that the First Amendment allows you to vent your venom. The Governor is no monstoer and if people would look closely and listen to some of what he says, he is a populist. He constantly speaks about the regular people of the state. It is why he wants to change the tax burden and why he wants to stop electricity prices from going sky high . The Koch Brothers have nothing to do with the dynamics of Maine.

Regarding Flagstaff Lake, the decision to impound the Dead River was to provide flow control for the Wyman dam, downstream on the Kennebec. It is the largest source of hydro power in the state. It has operated in this way since the project was built. Anyone who wants to turn a man-made lake into a recreation area has to realize that there may be times when the draw down creates changes in the lake.

Lastly, your final comment regarding the Governor has no basis in fact and exemplifies what is wrong with politics these days. Conservatives never attacked Baldacci the way Liberals have attacked LePage. Have some respect. Disclosure: I am an enrolled Democrat, but not very pleased with my party these days on any level.