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A Main-Land Project

We worked on this project. Great location, great business, and I truly enjoyed working with Mr. Kailey. We love to see a business growing!

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Not Silly, rather Stupid

I agree, but would change Silly to Stupid. His point is well made, and I agree with it. How he made it, on the other hand, wasn't very smart.

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Uh huh.

Well said.

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Claudette, I can't disagree with you...

... because the Sun Journal won't let me.

I can't believe Collins actually did the right thing. What a surprise.

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In this case, "federal subsidy" is really medical welfare. Let's just call it what it is.

Should we be providing medical welfare with tax dollars for average Mainers? Or is providing basic care to those who cannot afford it enough?

And in a strange twist of fate, I actually mostly agree with Riml about insurance.

Insurance is not evil in and of itself. Insurance is, at it's root, transfer of risk. That's why it's called Insurance. You pay someone else to take on the risk of something happening that you can't handle. Insurance was never meant, and should not, be a medical accounting middleman. Medical Insurance ought to be limited to catastrophic events that no average American can plan for. Cancer, get an arm lopped off, etc.

BTW, did you know that the Affordable Care Act doesn't allow you to opt out of this middleman mentality if you're over 30 years old? That's right, catastrophic insurance is limited to under 30 years old. So if you've worked your whole life building up an insurance nest egg and want to increase your deductible to handle only catastrophic events, too bad for you. You're paying anyway.

And if you hear rumors that you don't have to pay a fee if you don't get insurance, don't believe it. It's in the law, and is called a "shared responsibility fee." Socialism, anyone?

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Good for the goose...

I can carry when I'm out in the deep woods (and do), why shouldn't they?

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... I'm with you there.

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Smart and wrong

I agree that getting vaccines is smart. The science on this is sound and has been well proven empirically. A parent's choice for their children is, however, there's. Vaccines are good for the herd. Get your kids vaccinated, and stop worrying. But if someone decides not to vaccinate themselves or their children, that's their choice. And when the child turns 18, it becomes their choice. It is not the government's place to choose for them.

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Yes and No

Agreed that we need to save money. But public use of publicly owned areas and public infrastructure to reach them is a significant part of government's role. I'm not one to spend money, but it sure would be nice to reach the pond. There are other areas to save money.

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What we've been doing...

Working to support democrat spending.