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So what is this lawsuit going to do?

" The officer fired after the veteran took a butcher knife out of his pocket and charged at Rosie."

"“Officer Rosie never called for backup or retreated back inside the police station,” the complaint said."

So what is this lawsuit going to do? Anytime a police officer is attacked, he is supposed to, first, call for backup; and second, run away????

Just how is a police officer supposed to do his job as well as defend his life if an armed attacker is coming after him? And do we really want our officers to run away whenever there is an incident?

I can sympathize that these parents lost their son, but it was their son's actions have led to the events that took his life. Does anyone feel like they can charge an armed police with a weapon, after the officer has engaged him? My bigger sympathies are to Officer Rosie , his boss and the taxpayers who will share in the expense of defending this lawsuit.

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Have any of these protestors done the math?

“My understanding is that they make between $17 billion and $23 billion in profits,” And worldwide, they have 2.1 million employees.

For simple math, let's say they make 21 billion in profits, divide that by 2.1 million employees, that's about $10,000.00 per employee per year. But remember that one third of that will be the tax overburden that all employers have to pay on their employees (Worker's comp, unemployment,payroll tax, etc...) So we end up with about $6,600.00 per employee, and if you divide that by 2000 work hours in a year, you end up with a raise of about $3.30 an hour. And that small wage will completely wipe out the profit that one of the largest employers in the world should be making.

Something will have to give. Either Walmart will have to raise their prices, or the employee force will have to be cut, and what of all of those people who got the $3.30 wage increase? Are any of them willing to work any harder for the extra wage increase?

The thing that many people do not realize, is that Walmart is immensely huge, over 2 million employees. They are entitled, as is any company on this planet, to make a profit off their workers. They do not make an exorbitant profit on their workers, it's just the scale of such a huge company, it all adds up.

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Really, let's just keep piling the taxes on.

Mainers are doing well enough in this recession, they can certainly stand some more taxation, let's just tax the day lights out of everything they do.

Let's not look too hard at some programs we pour millions of dollars into with out of state companies that don't even perform the services they are being paid to do, like the ride share program so the needy can get to doctor appointments. Let's just keep throwing money away into such programs, and just tax Mainers even more in these depressed financial times.

Just so the folks in Augusta understand, this is clearly sarcasm. Do your jobs better and stop wasting tax dollars. How about some oversight committees with some real clout to end the waste?

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She ended the life of another

Why should she be allowed to walk the streets doing as she feels free to so, when another person, due to her actions, is no longer able to walk the streets and do as they see fit?

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I spent time as a safety officer at one company.

This is a most difficult job, being safety officer. There is a cost associated with implementing safety.

Typically, when a tour of a plant is scheduled, a letter should be sent out in advance advising the tour participants as to what footwear and clothing are acceptable, and that safety vests, hardhats and safety glasses will be provided and are required as part of the tour. That letter would cost a little bit of labor, and may sound less than inviting, but safety should be presented as paramount and exercised. Most of all it should be shown as a top concern from the very top of the company on down.

Safety officers should totally be supported by their superiors within the company. An officer of the company should be in the tour group, leading by example, with the present and ready ability to cancel the tour for any compromised safety concerns. That company officer should always encourage proper safety procedures, and not put the safety officer in a position where he has to derelict his duties, by knowingly allowing some to avoid safety protocols.

My sympathies are with Mr. Hickson.

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$40 million

Is this annually, or is this spread out over several years?

How much would similar services cost if the state of Maine hired local taxi firms? Local businesses would profit and pay taxes. Workers would be hired and paid wages and could buy goods for their families, further boosting the economy. MAINE firms would profit and the revenue would stay in MAINE. This program could use a clause that required MAINE based businesses be used. Our folks in Augusta should make this happen.

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28 million dollars???

Could we not hire a local taxi for less?

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So, if someone gets caught...

Basically, she has to pay the value of the bottles she took? If I rob a bank of $20,000.00 and get caught, is it okay to return the 20K and say no harm no foul? Where is the deterrent in that?

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Would it be possible to see any voting totals by county on each of the five bond issues?

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Communication is key

Way back when I was in school, the teacher explained to me that just trying to do something good may not be the best path. He went on to explain that suppose your father brushed the car against some bushes while backing out of the driveway. He may not appreciate you trying to re-paint the car that night with a can of Rustoleum paint. Asking your father to help buff out the scratches might have been a better choice, and he could have demonstrated and instructed the proper techniques.

Cemetery maintenance, while it seems simplistic, is not a well understood vocation. Headstones are decades and centuries old. What may seem as normal maintenance to the lay person, when done continually over the decades, can have a very detrimental cumulative effect.

Perhaps some contact with the people in charge of the cemetery at the start would have been the best place to start. For example, he could have explained that marble stones are especially soft and easily abraded and only trained professionals should do anything to clean them. Bear in mind, a single cleaning today will not have much effect, but cumulative cleanings over the years, decades and centuries can easily erase marble inscriptions.

While I am certain that many can see good intentions and really, teens cleaning an area shows good hearts in the case of these students, I'm guessing the caretaker saw improper methods being used. Perhaps only he, in this entire discussion, understands the damage that can occur. It may be a real interesting lesson if the school were to invite this man to class to give a lesson in cemetery etiquette. Shucks, I'd ask if I could sit in on the lesson myself.