Comments by Bob67

LAEGC funding

Auburn's taxable valuation actually declined over the last 2 years; a dismal record! Councilor Shea is right. Change, and accountability is needed! the LAEGC is just a branch of the good old boys club Auburn, with the Free Trade zone, airport,+ rail links should be doing much better ;wake up councilors+ Mayor Labonte!

amusement tax

I think that such a tax is a fair +equitable solution to the problem; but to the Portland lawyer representing business interests, I respond that further cuts to municipal revenue sharing which are directly passed on to municipal property taxpayers such as this disabled senior citizen, are an even less pleasant alternative to a lot more vulnerable group!

city arena

Ithink it is a good project that wil boost Auburn's economy+ increase our taxable vauation which actually decined in the last 2 years Civic spnsorships already exceeding 1st years estimates is also a great sign!

Lepage's comments

It was a typical, off the cuff, off the script, Paul LePage comment,” one attendee, who preferred to remain anonymous because of fear of political reprisals
The above remarks were alleged made by a member of the governor's own party attending the fund raiser not an opponent! 2014 can't come soon enough!

Michaud vs Lepage+ the budget

The budget was balanced on the backs of localalities,+ we the common citizen+our property taxesby eliminating state revenue sharing+other programs that aided middle class citizens; the bottom line is that is a tax increase, no matter what Lepage says, anyone could do that!

Michaud for Governor

Dream on Bob Stone; Lepage is a goner!

A touch of sugar for Lewiston

That story did put a smile on my face,+ to be truthful, I'm choking up now that my old parish church of 60 years may still stand , the emotion is surpisingly strong; bravo CMHC+the city of Lewiston.One more parking lot we do not need!

School budget

Ithink the 3rd attempt is a valiant one+ should pass, Bravo!

School Budget

The Auburn School Commitee is it's own worst enemy,by threatning that the State will will cut funding unless a larger budget is passed, that provision of the law doesn'take effect until 2014+ the State has not exactly lived up to it's promises.Instead of threats to taxpayer/ voters, cut some administration, there is not a need for 3 assistant principals at EL in this era when the graduating class was 202, when I grauated our class was over 400,+we had one,+that was before cumputers which must cut down paper work

Maine jails 'terminal,' federal expert says

More tough times in the Lepage era!