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1. The writer buries the lead in this story. Read the last sentence.

2. Cutler would be better advised to attack Michaud. Lepage is not his problem.

3. Cutler and the turncoat O'Meara would be advised to learn Maine election law before making further fools of themselves.

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Nothing But Income Redistribution

Some five years and two months ago John McCain shook his head ruefully and said "He's a Community Organizer. What is that?" Now we know.

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Echo Chamber

And Minneapolis chimes in.

Gee, things went splendidly in Maine tonight!

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Way to go, Jason

Let the dogs bark. You are actually doing something to help bring jobs to downtown. This is a welcome addition.

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Mayor Macdonald

Appointed her and the city council confirmed her, the truth be told.

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America's Next Bubble

No one is talking about it but this bubble, student loan debt, is going to burst at
Some point. Why not get Maine, a flat broke state, in on the action?

I'd assume that the Dems will simply add to our ten billion in existing debt obligation to pay college bills. We live in.a land of never bare money trees

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Are the state workers going to go on Obamacare?

Is Mike going on Obamacare?

Good enough for us working saps, not so much for them.

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Would she vote for...

Obamacare? Of course.

Increasing our nationa debt load? Of course.

To confirm tax cheat Tim Geithner? Of course.

Increased federal taxes? Of course.

To stifle free speech through the Citizens United mechanism? Of course.

No change here at all. Very much to the left of Collins.

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Just who are these long time friends who raised Lepage?

I know of one family that sheltered him. They are ardent supporters. As a matter of fact, I held the first major fund raiser for Paul in L-A and they were there early and stayed late. I don't know where this constant bullying talk is coming from.

Also, one of my friends was in his home room in high school. I asked him about Paul. This friend is a well-respected Lewiston business man and has no reason to fib. He says he was a quiet guy, very pleasant, and one that kind of blended in.

Also, the late Peter Snowe took Paul in under his mentorship and helped him out. Snowe was another well-respected business person who was elected to the legislature at a young age.

Your constant character assassination doesn't add up. Is that how you run the union in Minnesota? You really should stop it.

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Über liberal

Run to the middle and govern from the left. Watch her carefully.

Pretty slim pickings in this race.