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good thought Governor Lepage, but it sounds better coming from someone who is NOT a bully himself. Just sayin..

awesome job

i have family members struggling with that kind of addiction. You took your life back and should be proud of yourself. Your mother must have been worried sick. No matter what, there are people that you matter to, and now it sounds like you matter to yourself and it cant be easy fighting that particular addiction, so kudos to you!!


I know Robert. Why is it that the state is concerned that this could be a "grooming activity?" Was he ever accused of molestation? That's what this piece infers. Why does the state think it is a grooming activity? The man has intellectual disabilities. Why doesn't the sun journal expound on the "grooming" aspect?


I think he has a name. Too bad you have to call him that derogatory name in the headline to draw attention.


He HAS a name. Too bad you have to call him by a demeaning name to sell papers.

preferential treatment

I disagree with the part about Somalis don't receive preferential treatment. I have seen with my own eyes that they do. My son applied for general assistance in the city of Lewiston and the Somalian man who takes the applications gave him such a hard time and denied him his request, basically talking down to him and berating him. The next person who was in line was a Somalian and he shook his hand and was extremely outgoing. The man walked out very pleased. In another instance, my daughters friend went in and had been denied assistance before, so she asked that the Somalian man not assist her, because the last time he made her cry. Well, what do you know, they sent her to him anyway. He said to her, "oh I made you cry, what you cry for? You get me in trouble" In any case she left with out any assistance and again crying. I DO believe they discriminate against the people of Maine. Not ALL Somalians do, but in this case they did. I advised them to file a complaint against the city, they declined.