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The difference is

that we didn't know how bad it was back then. Now we do. We also have healthier alternatives and should use them.

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Monmouth Cemetery Assoc. should be ashamed

of their response to what appears to have been some very careful and well-executed clean-up work by these responsible students. I am just astounded to hear this. The kids know that they did a good job and should continue to feel proud of their efforts.

Bah humbug to the Monmouth Cemetery Association!!!

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I can appreciate that they want registered voters but

really, an election clerk must belong to either the Democratic or Republican parties only???

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Don't waste my time posting nonsense.

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Thank you for this article, it gave me a chuckle.

As if some extraterrestrials coordinate their watches and send abductees back at 3:33. Must be when a special wrinkle in the space-time continuum occurs. (Or more likely, when one's alcoholic or drug-induced hallucinations dissipate.)

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What some people do to others' property astounds me. Animals!

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Why do you assume

that these people were homeless or that Lewis thinks it's okay for homeless people to sleep on the street?
That is not what he said at all.

And I concur, if the empty building belongs to someone, then why should anyone else think that they have any right to it? They don't. That happens to be the law and an owner's right.

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Eric are you really serious that you would look up a teacher and beat them????

Who in their right mind makes those kinds of a threats?????

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Let me see if I have this correct. They fired her for doing her job which she did very well apparently. But the restaurant/bar owners didn't' like it and cried boo-hoo to the City of Portland who then paid her off to keep her mouth shut and walk away.

Great...that makes me want to eat out in Portland...NOT.