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Also from the article, " An

Also from the article, " An armed confrontation occurred between Richard and Warden Jeremy Judd,". This leads me to believe he was shot by the Warden. I hope this is a preliminary article and more info will come later.

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It's about time

It's about time that someone in Washington realized that the EPA/DEP, along with the rest of the federal government, is out of control. Regulations being proposed now are just to justify paychecks; they have little or nothing to do with public or environmental safety. People wonder why American companies go abroad to build new manufacturing plants. It's not because of the work ethic here and they surely do not get a higher quality product. It's because of the outrageous regulations they are subjected to here in the USA. Everyone knows that foreign countries need to improve their environmental practices but until this happens, let's not make the playing field any more uneven for the American companies than it already is.

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Time for a change

Perhaps Mr. Hines is right, perhaps there should be a change made to the FOAA. Such as putting limits on how many times one person can make a request in one year, or make people provide a legitimate reason to a judge before a request is granted. Is this what Mr. Hines wants? This is what could happen if he and people like him continue to abuse this privilege. As far as third world countries go, people disappear for questioning the government there. There are people, labled by governments as dissentients, sitting in prisons all over the world. Perhaps Mr. Hines should spend some time in one of these countries and see how far harassment such as this gets him. This is another case where one person may spoil it for everyone else.