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Save the deer, the trails and

Save the deer, the trails and the land.......but what about the poor, the young and the elderly HUMANS that are getting thrown aside by this round of DHHS cuts.

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I am certain Mayhew is a

I am certain Mayhew is a decent and hard working lady. Fact is she withheld critical information from Appropriations (she admits she should have said something sooner). Now, if she was DIRECTED to do so by LePage, count me as one that gives her a free pass. The assault on DHHS continues and at the end of the day, no one knows the real numbers. There is no accountability (let alone transparency) in Augusta

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Happily married man with

Happily married man with wonderful female wife and two beautiful children. I have many gay friends (I refer to them simply as friends). Many are wonderful parents. Many are teachers, some work in government, social service and in the faith based community. I signed the petition for gay marriage and will (again) vote in favor. Why? Why not! I really don't believe marriage is defined by the church...better defined by the two that are wed. To each it's own.

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Something needs to give.....

Closing schools? Not sure that is even legal. My concern as a tax paying citizen (and one that is NOT politically savvy) goes beyond the budget and the proposed cuts (which I do not agree with with respect to DHHS) is LePage's leadership. He "leads" by utilizing threats (to our most vulnerable citizens), he blames (democrats and previous administrations)constantly and seems to do little or nothing to encourage folks to get on the same page with a clearly defined vision. I have never met the man but at times his behavior closely resembles that of a two year old having a tantrum. At times of crisis (which Maine clearly is in the throws of), might it not be more effective if our leader worked with some enthusiasm to assure Maine people that we're all in this together....instead of constantly threatening? I feel at times like these the Governor could be more effective if he faciltated more energy around possibilities instead of the impending doom he references daily.

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Newly elected officials

Congratulations and good luck to you all. Cautiously optimistic with a new council and mayor, business in the city will not be as usual. Also hopeful the council itself can take a more integrated and strengths based approach in meeting the needs of the city.....

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Brain just wants to audit

Brain just wants to audit everything. Do you understand what an audit is? I doubt it. There is no indication of fraud here. By the way, if you're so smart, how come you don't volunteer your time to be on a local non-profit board? I do. It's not as easy as you'd like to think.

It's a seemingly an older building that has mechanical systems that are nearing the end of their useful life. The building wasn't designed with modern energy efficient technology. It is reliant upon oil, which has increased in price by a lot in the past decade.

Thanks to the Gendrons for their generosity. At a time when businesses much larger than them (read Wal-Mart) don't contribute to the community in any substantial way anymore, it goes to show that local businesses are far more important to the area than the proliferation of national chain stores. How about it Wal-Mart - how about kicking in $250k or more?

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D Wilson - you're wrong. It

D Wilson - you're wrong. It hosted Olympic tryouts in 1951, as well as other events, such as...




Maine's Collegiate Nordic Championships - January 31, 2010

TD Bank Rumford Eastern Cup

And no, I have no financial interest in the mountain. Bottom line. The majority of people voted to fund it. I don't know how people like you, Candice Ann, and the other 'just say no to everything' crowd can't understand it.

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Hmm... having Olympic

Hmm... having Olympic competition and other top world class competitions at the mountain doesn't matter?

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The majority of citizens

The majority of citizens voted to fund it.

You just don't get it.

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How stupid can some of you

How stupid can some of you be. You have a world-class facility (which was funded absoluately free) offering affordable skiing, snowboarding, tubing in your backyard, and yet you can't afford a mere $51k to keep it running? As Forest Gump says, "stupid is as stupid does". Perhaps Theriault and the boys will someday see the light. By the way, is Mr. Theriault really a lawyer? I thought he was an insurance salesman.