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Obama - socialist

Bush policies irrelevant, my friend.

Obama policies only relevant.

1. Obamacare.
2. Redistribution of wealth.
3. Big government.
4.Crony capitalism > Solyndra.
5. Cazrs > unanswerable to Congress.
6. Class warfare > tax the rich.
Equals rank socialism.


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Obama and firearms

Fact 1. Senator Obama said he didn't think anyone should be able to on a gun. That should scare the socialism right out of anyone.

Fact 2. Criminals, mentally ill or law abiding citizens? File suicides under mentally ill not law abiding citizens.

Fact: 3. Fox news, the fast growing news organization and now the largest as they are the only ones you can count on to get things right, reported burglars used map as they were there for the express purpose of firearms.

Fact 4. President Obama; despot.

Fact 5. I know of no one who believes if you keep firearms secret the government will not be able to find them. Schwarz's were found through search not registry which would just make it easier for Tyrant Obama.

If Tyrant Obama is no friend of the criminal misuse of firearms; then why does his lack of administration not prosecute more. Could the tyrant want more firearms crimes for his nefarious agenda?

Fact 6. Tyranny: Man's attempted usurpation of GOD's Sovereignty.

Fact 7. Tigm to get something to eat and lug wood. Have a nice day my friend.


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Do not twist things

I never said that the burglars using info from The Journal News were found with the list. What I said was I saw on the news that the robbers used info from the list to locate homes where firearms could be found.

To say they were not found with the list is a slight misquoting which greatly changes the slant on the facts. In the future would you please refrain from such underhanded tactics.

If you believe more murders are committed by law abiding citizens something is wrong. One is not abiding by the law when they murder. Most murders are committed by criminals against other criminals and law abiding citizens. Far more often than law abiding citizens murdering in a fit of rage is a murder by a criminal; then there's also the mentally ill.

A federal gun registry is nothing but a list for the government to take firearms away from citizens.

President Obama said as a senator that he did not believe anyone should be able to own a gun.


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Obvious Conclusions?

Mr. Albrecht, my friend:

Please excuse my tardiness but had a computer problem and could not access this site and respond.
GOD and CHRIST centered seems elusively vague.

I read in the words of the Founding Fathers a strong Biblical world view. This includes a focus on GOD the Father, the SON and HOLY SPIRIT. Just exactly how LDS views religion in rural Maine as compared to urban Maine and the rest of AMERICA, tha Greatest Nation Evah, may vary a bit from the mainline.

I personally disagree with LDS on a small few points, but do agree with far more. However, when one reads such books as "America's GOD and Country" by William J. Federer and The "Making of AMERICA" by the National Center for Constitutional Studies, and "Faith of Our Founding Fathers by Tim LaHaye; we find that at the founding of AMERCA and for at least the next 30 years AMERICA, tha Greatest Natio Evah, had a strong Christian Consensus. This was a byproduct of the 1st Great Awakening which took place from the 1730s-60s and is well documented by Tocqueville. No such consensus could possibly be built without a minimum fundamental understanding of the whole scriptures.

Alas; how did we ever deviate from making CWP holders? With the advent of The Journal News debacle we can safely assume that the political left will embark on a vast campaign to out CWP holders in it's war on the 2nd Amend ment.

Therefore, all who love AMERICA, tha Greatest Nation Evah, must love the Constitution, must love the 2nd Amendment and fight for the right of all citizens to the weapon of choice for personal protection as government has no idea what self protection situation in which a citizen will find himself.

The problem here is not firearms, but criminals and the mentally ill and even more importantly an extreme left wing president that has said he doesn't believe anyone should be able to own a gun.

Tigm ta tend tha stove & get out shovel.

Be well my fried.


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Mr. Albrecht, You tried too hard to misconstru

The fact that the burglars targeted the homes they did was made as plain as the nose on your face on the news. You have to watch FOX if you want anything more than koolaid.

I said nothing of existing Maine law. I did say that CWP holders should have their identities kept confidential so as to protect their privacy. Let's face it the only reason that anyone would want this info would be to harass and bully law abiding citizens who are obeying our laws. The leftists just want to bully and intimidate people with guns, as the left is scared to death of an armed citizenry because the left is anti-AMERICAN.

If you go back and read the Congressional Record for the Constitutional debates; you will find a great many daily prayers recorded there. These prayers were offered because the vast majority of delegates were devote Christians. Not all, but most. Divine counsel was sought and the Most Sacred Document Evah resulted. So as a devote Christian I love and appreciate my Constitution for just what it is. Our Glorious, Almighty, Creator GOD gave AMERICA, tha Greatest Nation Evah, to the Founding Fathers as an inheritance for religious freedom. The Constitution is their last will and Testament.

Tigm to tend my stove. Stay warm my friend.


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That 2-3 burglaries took place because this map locating homes with firearms was published in the J. N. is TOTALLY MEANINGFUL as that very point was made by the burglars after arrest.

AMERICA, tha Greatest Nation Evah, has a 2nd Amendment for a reason. The Founding Fathers knew the new government they had just created could decline, as many others have, into tyranny. Tyrants have down through history especially since the founding of AMERICA and going all the way back to antiquity have disarmed their citizens. The U. S. CONSTITUTION is tha Most Sacred Document Evah conceived by the mind of man. Hence the desire to protect the 2nd Amendment is PATRIOTISM and the anti-gun crowd are the ones fueled by hysteria.

There can be no good come from violating the rights of law abiding citizens by publishing their names for doing what is legal. Only when a citizen breaks the law should his name be published. This name publishing is just another attack on law abiding citizens by the bullies on the left that have to bully because they are on the tyrannical side of this issue.

Guns do not cause citizens to kill other citizens. Citizens cause guns to kill. Therefore is it not citizens that are the problem? At 60 years of age I can remember items in the news in the late 60's how violence on the screen was contributing to violence in society. As that was so then; how much more so is it today with violent video games where the participant no longer merely views, but actively participates in for hours on end?

Last year Chicago collected over 1,700 firearms through arrests and search warrants, yet prosecuted less than 96% of firearms violations and this from a mayor who wants to sue or deny opporating capital to firearms manufacturers. Chicago refuses to initiate new laws which have a proven track record of reducing crime; such as the stop and frisk law put into place by a Republican mayor in N. Y. city. Why is the mayor of Chicago not mandating that the Distract Attorney's office prosecute more firearms violations?

I would like to invite Mr. Albreceht to put aside the emotionalistic arguments of the left and look only at the facts as he will then see that gun control is less about controlling crime and more about controlling the citizenry. This is tyranny!!!

Tyranny: Man's attempted usurpation of GOD's Sovereignty.


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The bill says nothing about

True, but the editorial makes the point that the bill is aimed at preventing the outing of concealed carry permit holders as was done by The Journal News. This paper even went as far as to publish a map of firearms owners homes which led to 2-3 burgeleries which probably would not have happened otherwise. This of course brings us to the bottom line of gun control. It is for nbothing, but confiscation. Does Judith Meyer think that burgelers are going to volentarily turn in their firearms? Of corse not, but they will used published info to purpertrate crime; hence in the case of The Journal News they were complicit in the burgeleries as they supplied the info to the criminal element.

To publish this info concerning a certain class of citizens is mere bigotry. Anti-gun instead of anti-crime. Why can't we get down to fighting crime instead of fighting over social issues? Violent video games have far more to do with violent crime than the holders of legal concealed carry permits. Fight crime not innocent people!!!!!!


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Permitting a Standard of Secrecy

This editorial has nothing to do with government secrecy and everything to do with gun control. It is the anti-gun left who want's government secrecy to the end of public domain. The words secracy and knee-jerk feel good are intended for no other reason than to disparage concealed carry permit holders and the Republican law makers who are trying to protect their identities.

After The Journal News published the names of permit holders; 2-3 of the residences were targeted by burgelers for the very reason they new where to find fireasrms. However when approached the paper's editors would not agree to post signs in their front yards identifying them as non-gun owners. I ask; are the editors of The Sun Journal willing to put signs in their front yards thereby outing them as anti-firearm advocates?

Not only does The Journal News have a 1st Amendment right, but more importantly by the time one gets to be an editor one is suppose to understand the potential effects and ramifications of making certain data public. Neither The Journal News, The Sun Journal or any other news paper has the right to publish data tantamount to crying fire in a crowded theater.

Outing permit holders is just one weapen being used by the left to wage war on the 2nd Amendment. The 4th Amendment gives citizens; "the right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects ..." Publicly outing permit holders feloniously takes on a right that even the U. S. Government doesn't have.

If editors want to help secure our society; why not take a stand for reasonable restrictions on violent video games? Why not publish a map indicating homes where violent video games can be found? Why not out parents who allow their children to spend untold hours killing innocent bystanders and law enforcement?


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Thinly Veiled Attack

I believe Mr. Smith's letter to be a thinly veiled attack on the NRA and by extension the 2nd Amendment.

The NRA, which represents a national constituency, supports candidates who support the U. S. Constitution - the most sacred document ever created by the mind of man - by fighting to protect the 2nd Amendment. GOD forbid that we ever lose the 2nd Amendment, but if we do it will not be just hunters and shooters that lose a Constitutional right, but every AMERICAN loses a right.

According to Mr. Smith's continuum of thought there should be no AARP lobbying in Washington D. C. on behalf of AMERICA's seniors.

GOD bless AMERICA, tha Greatest Nation Evah, and the NRA.


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Mental health

Has D. Tozier ever trained an ape to shoot then put the armed ape into a confusing situation then documented results? I did not think so.

No one wants to merely arm teachers, but training will eliminate panic which Ms Tozier so unfoundedly refers to. Some teachers should not be armed which makes the case for formerly experienced personal for security purposes.

If she does not want people going off fully cocked then why does she not address the broader issue of mental illness? Manson, Gazey & Bundy all mentally ill and even gun confiscation would not have helped an untold number of victims of senseless violence.

I would like to ask Ms Tozier to do the issue of gun violence the respect of not sensationalizing it, but let's deal with the facts as they exist.