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Folks are not required to show proof of citizenship, so your feelings that they should show it, and Mr Legere's feelings that they should are interesting, but not consistent with the requirements. Think what you want, but please do not interfere with these folks' rights to vote. This business of people taking it on themselves to decide who should vote and who should not is insulting and degrading. When it is applied only to people of one race, it is by definition racist. It is intimidating to new Mainers, and people who practice it should be embarrassed. Unfortunately, they are usually too wrapped up in their own self righteousness to have the sense to be embarrassed.

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How do people stand for this?

The Governor cut taxes by 200+ million dollars, primarily benefitting higher income people, and proposes cutting benefits that keep 6000 elderly people in assisted living. Where do these people go? Many are ill, many have dementia, many have no relatives, many with relatives don't have capacity to care for them.

There is a solid core of 40% of the population that does not care when he lies (quoting Forbes Magazine wildly inaccurately), insults people and groups (Kiss my butt), threatens and bullies (countless examples). But to throw grandma into the street? Is there no limit to your collective tolerance for this venal man?

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David Duke Endorsed Ron Paul

You are known by who you hang out with. Ron Paul was endorsed by David Duke, former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, as well as by a whole range of right wing nutbag militia groups. When asked to disavow his followers in these camps, he refused. The man has some positions that make sense (like his isolationist views), but he is also a dnagerous crank.

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Mr. MacDonald

Mr. MacDonald is on the horns of a dilemma. He has run for office on a crusade against welfare cheats. Either Mr MacDonald has cynically manipulated the people of Lewiston by crusading while knowing that welfare rules come out of Augusta, not Lewiston, or he does not know this. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt and am calling him uninformed instead of a liar. But it is a close call, and neither label is particularly attractive.

His campaign was in the ignoble tradition of southern rednecks who used code words (welfare) for race (in this case african immigrants). Wink wink. Sure you can get yourself elected, Mr Mayor, by fanning the flames of racism, but what is the second act? Now that you have done your best to set the working class white people against Somali immigrants how does the community live together? Are you going to drive the Somalis out? Will you write anotehr letter that brings the scorn and derision of the world on Lewiston? You chose as your role model a man who is now the Governor, someone who is rude, small, loutish, ignorant, and also a redneck. Good luck with that.

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Mr MacDonald is an I'll-tempered, ignorant bully, in the cast of the Governor. If you are delighted with Lepage, you'll love MacDonald. What happened to higher aspirations?

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Senator Snowe is a moderate?

It was the dismantling of watchdog agencies that permitted Wall Street to indulge in the orgy of money making that precipitated the financial collapse that is still reverberating throughout the economy. Senator Snoew once again shows that she is beholden to the 1%. Why do we keep her in office?

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It is beyond my comprehension why people do things like this.

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Rebuttals are astonishing

Mr McDonald's words are plenty of proof that his politics are the politics of blaming, of fingerpointing, of resentment, with the Somalis front and center inhis complaints. I have not heard him repeating the wild and crazy comments about Somalis all getting free cars from the government, but his words have the same effect. Hey folks, we have someone to blame for our woes. It's them!!! To folks who understand racism, and recognize it, this guy is steeped in it.

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Those immigrants

The recent mayoral debate reminds me of Lewiston's (The Letter) and Maine's (the KKK in the 20's) moments of shame and infamy. The KKK found Maine to be a bastion of strength, as they scapegoated people of French and Irish heritage, and Catholics in Maine, and black people elsewhere. There is always someone out there who needs to scapegoat immigrants and poor people. They need to find someone they can feel superior to, and point the accusing finger toward. In time, though, people of good will realize how awful that is, and do the right thing, which is to reject that mean and inhumane worldview.

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My take is that if you don't know what you are voting on, the act of abstaining has integrity. It is curious that Mr. Kurtz is both so insistent on Mr Lorrain casting an ill-informed vote, and so angry that he abstained.