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I thought that was your name ...

... and you were using "Jerry" just trying to pass.


In case anyone is gullible enough ...

... to believe the above was written by Geraldo the Plagiarist, everything before the link, comes from the link. The rest of us are honest enough to italicize stuff like that. It's done like <em> this </em>.


There's no fresh air ...

... from her, just the usual leftist windbag sour breeze. But she's going to need regular oxygen therapy no later than September, when the polls and spin-meisters tell her she's going to lose in a career-ending tailspin. Then she can go back to a more suitable profession: flipping burgers.


Pot? Kettle?

It's more than rich to read Geraldo the Plagiarist calling someone else a whack-job. But, you gotta go with what you know.

The reference had nothing to do with Beck, on whom Geraldo shows an unhealthy obsession - as if he knows any other kind. It came from The Maine Wire, obvious in my post, but not something in the usual parlance of your common, low-life plagiarist.

I forgot to mention in my post the part of Bellows' platform that is not masked in the usual hard-left rhetoric. She is open about wanting to convert BIW into a green tinfoil-hat factory. Sign up early, Geraldo. You can finally get one that fits your swelled head - maybe.


Every year, after

Every year, after Native-American-Mourning Day, until a few days after the Winter Solstice Festival, I make a point of greeting people with the phrase "Merry Christmas". If they squirm, let them pound holiday sand.


Yup, Maine and the US Senate

Yup, Maine and the US Senate need another deep, critical thinker like Bellows.

from The Maine Wire:

Before she speaks, Bellows turns to David Swanson, the keynote speaker at the meeting, and says, “It’s such an honor to meet you.”....

Wrote Swanson, “New research and newly highlighted information assembled by Baker presents at least the strong possibility that Bush {GHWB} was involved in assassinating President Kennedy, and that Bush was involved in staging the Watergate break-in (and the break-in at Dan Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s) with the purpose of having these break-ins exposed and the blame placed on President Nixon.”


College aside ...

... the combination will put our children in a good position to have several options. Period.


I could agree with you, Frank, ...

... but then we both would be wrong.

The Easter Bunny is a Republican - if you find an egg, you can keep the whole thing and decide for yourself how to distribute it.


The difference between a beer and your opinion, Al, is ...

... I asked for the beer.

Don't shoot the Easter Bunny.


I have to differ slightly from the author's contention ...

... backed by some posters. Competition does not build character; competition reveals character. It's the same in academics and athletics. A kid brings character to those activities and competition can lead him to excel.

Character is instilled primarily by parents first, other mentors second, in lessons both intellectual and moral. If parents and mentors slack off, the kid has a handicap from the first day of school. Teachers and other workers in the education business may think they're qualified to supply those missing lessons, but evidence abounds that they're dead wrong.

Everyone gets to play in athletics is the same as putting self esteem first in academics. The result is to make kids feel good about being mediocre, leaving them utterly unprepared for the increasingly competitive real world.