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Attention Maine Peoples

Attention Maine Peoples Alliance,

That is not what democracy looks like that is what activisem looks like. Democracy would be campaning and voting in the next election. Yea the mayor can be a bone head but we the people elected him. And this spark with the BBC would not be a fire if you didn't keep fanning it make a flame.

Really your getting to be like that annoing girl in third grade, in everyones business crying thats not fair, thats not fair.

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All Politics is local

Dear Republican Party

In light of your treatment of your fellow Mainers who were elected as delagates then denied that privalige by the established republician machine. I will be dening you any support in this election. I command the Governor for standing by his conviction and not attending such a sham.
Perhaps a time-out untill 2016 is in order for you.

Garry Robitaille

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why no

We just built a new kids school opened less then 24 months ago.
for the millions we spent no one had the forsight to build big enough.

2nd reason to vote no. no state of federal matching funds. wait one or 2 more years.

3rd reson a lot of the listed reasons for a new school seemed to be lack of maintance. I would not reward a lack of maintance.

9 million is a lot for new bathrooms

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only ride gouge the users

yea when your the only highway in town.

Just spread the pain new glouster is already a price gouge.

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Being in Lewiston and using

Being in Lewiston and using the Turnpike for work with verious exits. I give you low marks LA is taxed unfairly.
I have been avoiding it all I can. exit in Gray drive up 100 ect.

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Politics an slight of hand

Why a July vote,
When there is only that question on the ballot.
because it is easier for to stack the vote to win.

Whats the cost of a special election alone?
Please folks vote NO on this one

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come on after 5 years

come on after 5 years something is not working, T was for tempoary. For years I've been watching folks on unemployment who always find a job when the bennifets run out.

Some time cold turkey is the way to go. Shut them off see where they are in a year.

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poor taste

Kinda tacky and poor taste to use such sad news as an advertisement.

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Because she does not care

Because she does not care about the Local Republincan party. that has been clear for a long time

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No more Snow

Great news, even though she could have tipped her hand before the primary, maybe not raised millions in advance.