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Hmmmm... Maine needs more educated workers? Really?

Then why is the STATE FUNDED university system cutting it's physics program?

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More than one fox in the henhouse.....

Mary Mayhew, DHHS Commissioner... 11 years as VP of the Maine Hospital Association... a lobbyist. Whose best interest do you think SHE is looking out for? It certainly isn't the people that DHHS serves.

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:) hahahahahaha

Another fan! Nicely done!

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$#@ hmmm... found something to do in Hawaii? <&$@^

0703EDT Honoluluans...

Has anyone seen the cryptic Steve Dosh? He can be recognized by the stream of non-sense words and symbols he strings together in an attempt to communicate and influence opinions thousands of miles away.

If found please, <,*&~*/ *&%%$@# *&@##%$$#

Mainers Lost Without Dosh

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You know what's really annoying? Someone from thousands of miles away, thinking they have some credibility or relevance here in Maine, typing comments to virtually every news story on the LSJ, in a Morse-code like language that rarely, if ever, makes any sense. Go to the beach, man.

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Proper grammar please?

I know you get most of your news from the AP and the BDN but the LSJ is responsible for story headlines. A "trustee wants" while "trustees want." Come on, at least make an effort. These mistakes happen all the time and make the LSJ look like a middle school student newspaper. I guess I've always held newspapers to the high standard of using proper spelling and grammar. Sad.

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Spell check?

"Health rallies" or "HEATH rallies", as in homophobic Michael HEATH...

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He's not "principled" he's a spoiled brat!

"This is a man who stands by principle and this is a principle he is unwilling to give in on," Richardson said.

It's typical LePage. Hold his breath, stomp his feet. Hopefully someone will notice and give him his way. TOUGH! Go pout in the corner!

"Both LePage and Maine GOP Party Chairman Charlie Webster have previously said the state's convention was valid and while they do not support Paul, the state's delegates should be allowed to be seated at the national convention."

Maine's own flip-floppers! No wonder they support Romney!

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Don't have solid evidence? Make stuff up, LePage.

"During that same press event, LePage said Maine students needed to take a special test to be admitted to William & Mary, a private college in Virginia. A spokeswoman at the school said that is not true."

And it isn't all Mainers that are looked down upon, it's just you LePage. 39% of Maine voters could not have hand picked a WORSE governor. Shouldn't a governor bolster his state's image instead of making things up to damage it?

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While dog fighting is deplorable, one must consider how well supervised those now missing dogs were when they were taken. When my dog is outside, I am usually out with him or at least within earshot. I would know if someone was near. I would never dream of leaving my dog outside when I was not home. If that was required for some reason, he would have a VERY secure outdoor containment system... not a logging chain on a tree and a plywood doghouse. Dog owners have a responsibility to protect their animals to the best of their abilities. My heart goes out to those whose pets are missing. Hopefully, their losses will cause others to better secure and protect their animals.

Any person participating in any part of a dog fighting operation should be used as training bait for police dogs... and THEN fined and jailed. But, as another comment points out, that would be MILD treatment compared to some street level justice that a stalwart Mainer and his/her 12 gauge may deliver.