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The beginning of an article usually states what, where, and why something happened.
Was this supposed to be connected to a previous story that was run about the place being torn down or whatever?
Why was this place trashed out?
For those of us who have no idea what this place is, where it is, and why the decision was made for it to be destroyed and taken to the dump, can some one please fill in the rest of the story. this is the first time I have heard about this.
thank you

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crash into a vehicle attatched to an amimal carrying passengers is pathetically wicked! and to leave the scene, even MORE haneous!
I hope for a recovery for BOTH victims!

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.... briefly at noon time, at Great Falls Plaza intersection . . . . during the National Moment of Silence, participation was made by community members. We held a brief moment of silence, then a drum devotional followed by prayer. ~~~~~~~~`
2:00 PM another devotional was held at the memorial and shared together with community members, followed by
Flag & signs saying "thank you" to show respect, that were held in place at the intersection of Lincoln & Main St., Lewiston, with a drum march.

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We care very much what goes into our family's bellies. It is time to speak up against the biotech king. Why is the world's largest pesticide producer also responsible for our food supply? Do you have a right to know what chemicals is being put in your food? YES you do. In Maine, we visited the state capital many times to voice our concerns. The Maine Organic Famer's Association has a care in this as well.

We all deserve healthy affordable food choices. GMO is hidden in many foods, that many people are not aware that they are eating. We demand that they label it and give us the choice. Ultimately we want it BANNED forever. It is banned in 50 countries right now. so, is fluoride, but yet America seems to continue to support the biotech king Monsanto, lawyers and more.

There will be a pic nic and fellowship before the rally. SPEND AN HOUR WITH A BUNCH OF WONDERFUL CARING PEOPLE! SEE YOU ALL THERE
Email me with questions and car pooling please! find us on facebook

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look up the following:

cloud seeding, solar radiation management, weather modification, geoengineering, fedbook-march against chemtrails and geoengineering.

US patents numbers
4686605 A, 7413145 B2, 7659197 B1

Then come back, and share your informed opinion. There are millions of people all over the world who would like to see these programs halted and reviewed for the health and safety concerns that we have brought to the table. Time to get out of your comfort zone, think outside the box. It is lovely that our photographer sees the beauty in things. I appreciate that. But, there are many people who are NOT so informed on this particular issue that I have raised here. Appologies SJ for pouncing this string, but, I am just looking to reach out to people who are already aware of this topic.

~wakey~wakey~ Sector Three FEMA soon to be your new home, unless we all get with it.

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NO IT ISNT beauty

I guess I would have to say this not beauty!
I personally do not enjoy seeing photos of Poison Sumac tree cancering the river banks and properties in the Lewiston/Auburn area. Those are disgusting WEEDS.

second, that plane that is flying over our homes is dumping tons of toxic chemicals all over us, daily. Since when is it ok to see a huge glowing plume like that? (contrails dissipate within seconds after leaving the air craft b.t.w.)

This is a long lasting spread out plume of aluminum, barium, strontium & mercury and whatever the day's batch is for the particular weather modification purpose potion of the day. There is no conspiracy to this. It is a well documented program, as written in scholarly journals, and other credible data banks in the scientific community.

**Smash your t.v. set & WAKE UP ALREADY** Consider alternative media

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has already ordered several million hollow point rounds etc. tons of footage of armored vehicles being shipped around on trains in the US, as well as FEMA coffins. FEMA districts are already set up, there are ten for the continental US. Fusion Centers are already in operation, they will be fused with fed. and local municipalities to share info on potential te r ror threats (aka average annoying American citizen or activist, protester etc). LoL
They already passed several bills into law, and exec orders allowing tapping into your emails, photos, chats, and phone calls,texts. (all in the name of "potential *T* thread) Information is credible, and publicly available. Time to wake the hell up people. It's happening here. Do NOT take my word for it, research it yourself, but makes sure you are sitting, so you dont fall and get a concuscion or something. LoL wakey wakey!

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welcome to the NWO

look up Agenda 21, FEMA CAMPS are already outfitted and ready to take on thousands of Americans during a "natural distaster" Google GEO ENGINEERING, HAARP etc. then go ahead and realize that Sandy, Katrina were Un natural disasters.
Either brace for it, deny it, or wake up and face it. good luck.

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No notifications were sent to customers who's applications were incomplete or not correct or any other reason. They never sent the a notice telling us that we were not accepted in the program and why and how many days we had to re apply.
ok? I called and asked for supervisor. they could not find any record of an application denial letter being sent out. Or a correct application letter being sent out. I was billed according to being on the program. I had no way of knowing something was wrong, until they sent me 4 months worth of added charges almost 200 god damned dollars!

Since when does an agency place you in a program, bill you accordingly, then tell you exactly 3 months later, "oh, by the way, you were not supposed to be in the program (and we failed to notifiy in time), so will just bill your arse for the msitake we made, here ya go! good luck with that sucker!

ya, not cool. People are hurting right now. I

am a full time college student, trying to get off welfare. I hate this. I am a responsible parent and student, trying to make a future for myself and my child. I do no appreciate the assumptions and hateful words being said on this forum.

find out a little bit more about the situaion, before you go running off at the mouth. Have a little compassion wont ya? sickening

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for your compassion. You are not far from the truth, but the welfare slammers are ready to put people down, and make assumptions and accusation arent they? Very cruel.

Unlike a normal company, people were on the Lifeline program, and being billed accordingly, then they recieved a BACK BILL stating that they were NOT in the program. never sent out a WARNING notice,never told anyone "hey, you failed to check off this question, application denied, 7 days to correct app." NOTHING AT ALL :'(