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Peggy Rotundo shouldn't talk about wasting taxpayer money. As a radical left-wing
Democrat and long-term chair of Appropriations, she hold the record.

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Left-wing logic

"The increase in state expense to administrate this expansion will be more than offset by the creation of health care jobs"

Now that is just plain silly.

"in the entire 45-plus history of Medicaid the government has never defaulted."

No, they just cut the reimbursement rates.

"The Maine Center for Economic Policy estimates"

Nuff said. The radical left using the radical left as a source. Sorry, Doc. but "your" letter doesn't pass the straight face test.

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Great column

Thank you Rep Timberlake for using facts and rational thought to counter the emotion and hyperbole of the radical left. Maine has the second highest percentage of its citizens in the country on medical welfare. This proposed expansion, which we can in no way afford even if Obama WASN'T lying, would put us in the number one position again by far.

I would ask the left-wingers on this page to answer this - what programs and departments are you willing to cut to pay for this expansion? What roads are you ready to close? What schools? Unless you can answer those questions you can in no way propose to expand welfare in this state.

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MaineCare is the reason the hospitals were owed so much taxpayer money. MaineCare is the reason we need a supplemental budget every year.MaineCare is the reason we are such a poor state with such high taxes. All programs and departments are subservient to MaineCare.We already have the 2nd largest Medicaid program in the country. Expanding this program simply defies logic in the name of political expediency.

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This is news?

A labor union endorses a Democrat. Here's more news - The sun rose in the east this morning.

And how many lobstermen are actually members of this union - a dozen?

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Same old talking points

I guess if you repeat it long enough...

Our healthcare/health insurance market is anything but free.

And why are profits ok for food, shelter and clothing but not for healthcare?

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There are plenty of ideas -

They are called the free market. The ACA is designed to do little more than destroy the free market.

There is no true way to compare health statistics from other countries as US citizens 1, are obese, 2, smoke, 3 don't exercise, 4, eat junk food 5, take too many drugs - for a start.

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Massachusetts rates

are now close to the highest in the country.

Social Security and Medicare are running out of money. You need to read a little more deeply.

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The only way

The only way premiums might be lower for some is with the subsidies. Otherwise, all premiums are higher.

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This situation

Has absolutely nothing to do with the new burdens of ObamaCare. It is because of Maine's restrictive insurance laws and anti-competition laws such as Certificate of Need and Rule 850 that have created this situation.