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Whats so fun about talking to an empty room?

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Bye bye

It's been a good 5 years or so posting here.

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1. The Tax cuts for those making less than $400K are permenant and figured into the CBO.
2. The AMT doesn't hit "working" families - Most households making less than $80K won't ever hit the AMT
3. Most of the things expiring are deductions for higher income brackets and corporations.

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Well, reading the CBO report you posted, as long as we don't extend any tax cuts, leave the ACA, estate tax and AMT alone, the deficit will go down.

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I love it

I love how the "Left" is guily of "hysterical rhetoric", but your whole letter, Mr Hoy, doesn't once list a single policy or program that you take issue with.

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Does the Government Control your life now?

Because any single payer system would be the same as Medicare.
Yet, you didn't mention how government control over senior's lives has ruined them?

Oh, and Fox news is twisting the facts on security. Your data is secure. They haven't completed the full security tests, but the first round was passed easily.

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Google is your friend

Here ya go =)

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for "the most part"?

"Eric Conrad, a spokesman for the Maine Municipal Association, said for most towns in Maine the certification really is a point of "civic pride" as much as anything else."

There's an "anything else"? Because, as far as I knew, there was nothing else. Being certified as "Business Friendly" seems to be an empty award. It gets you nothing, other than the sign.

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I don't think so.

First off, no government system launches smoothly.
Secondly, the exchange is working - even Boehner signed up

Third - So, he is destroying the economy with the ACA? Is that why the DOW is breaking through 16K?

Fourth - Health Care Exchanges are a Republican idea. That's the only part of the ACA not working right now.

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I hope so

I would love a single payer system.

Let me ask you - Robert, are you on medicare? You do realize that is "a single-payer system where the government will control everybody's lives"

I would love to have medicare expanded to everyone. Yes, taxes would have to go up, but since I already have to pay for insurance, my out of pocket would remain about the same I bet.