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Rep. Berry has a very short memory as well as flawed logic

First, here is one example as cited from one source:
"An example of this shifting took place when the government placed a sales tax on luxury goods in 1991, assuming the rich could afford to pay the tax and would not change their spending habits. Unfortunately, demand for some luxury items dropped and industries such as personal aircraft manufacturing and boat building suffered, causing unemployment for many factory workers.

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In addition, under the democratic control of the previous 30 plus years, Maine became either the number 1, 2, or third highest taxed state in the nation depending on what poll you read and then need to consider fees to boot. While holding one of the top 3 spots, the democratics couldn't manage the budget or reign in spending and waste to balance the budget. The democrats under Mr. Berry's leadership and others cannot balance the checkbook like you and I are supposed to. Imagine how grand life would be if you could just keep writing checks and had no repercussion for the on going negative balance.

It's not about raising's about controlling spending, period.

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Well....there is one joke here... are right, Libby is mainstream for causing to hold Maine back and the problems she and her fellow leadership have dropped on us. Without competition, our insurance rates run 30 to 40 percent higher than say, New Hampshire. The federal government and it's ramrodding of legislation the majority don't want is another topic, stay on task please. You obviously are joking with the mainstream comment and trust me, everybody get's it. The democratic extremists who have been in power for over thirty years in this state continue to over tax (No joke there right? Top 5, some say #1), over regulate (No joke there, ask a logger or fisherman), over spend (No joke there, they just tried to pass 102 new taxes and fees. Oh wait, bowling was exempt, do you know why jalbrecht? That is a joke!) Your last sentence, about taxing us for health insurance, ummmm, DIRIGO IS A STELLAR EXAMPLE, another joke. As I said, and your reply confirms, the extremists are scared they are about lose power in Maine.

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Huh? It's still Bush's fault?

Geez Mark,
Let me get this straight, it's Bush's fault? Ok, there's the beginning of your credibility issue. Let's not discuss the current administration of 'hope & change' refusing help, and what a bang up job they have done...oh, that's right, Bush is in charge....

Local extremists? Like Libby Mitchell being the poster child for extremism. Hmmm...she has voted against allowing Mainer's to purhcase health insurance outside of the state. She voted for a 2.14% to fund the failed Dirigo health system and and also for the beer, wine, and soda tax, again, to fund the failed Dirigo health plan. Mandatory paid sick days, blah, blah, blah.

I'm afraid Mr. Tardif and his other extremist friend are afraid. They are afraid the tax and spend movement of the past 30 plus years which has made the state of Maine an over taxed and unfriendly business climate where our claim to fame is exporting jobs and our children. Sorry Mr. Tardif, big government, big spending, and continuing to take from the working man is coming to an end.