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defining poor

Don't know what world you live in but in America today median HOUSEHOLD income is $50,000. Half make less than that and by many standards, what is considered a LIVING wage is about $30,000 or $15/hr about double today's minimum wage.

Pay rent, utilities and food and $20,000 net leaves about nothing for anything else like healthcare. Our medical insurance cost $15,000 a year, of which an employer pays the bulk but we still pay over $3,000 a year out of our own pocket + deductibles and co-pays. Many employers pay zero toward medical insurance not to mention dental and eye care which isn't covered by medical insurance.

So I think you better understand that $12,000 is well below POVERTY level.

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There's the other name I have for him.
Don't think I was the first to use either one but I've been using them for quite a while.

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tax "cuts"

Funny Mike, f

Sure the tax cut kicks in at 20K so the median household (making $50K) gets a "whopping" $100-200 income tax cut but sees their property tax go up $200-$300-$400 and their sales tax bill go up as well. The only ones who benefit from this tax cut are those making $150,000+ who see major income tax reductions.
The 2% reduction in the top income tax rate on $50,000 minus the standard deduction and personal exemptions amounts to very little and virtually nothing for those living on $25,000-$30,000. BUT 2% of $250,000 = $5,000. So who is hauling it in?

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cute terms?

So Mike, are you in denial that they raised taxes on the 99% to give the wealthiest huge tax cuts totaling $400 MILLION?! I don't find that cute at all. I call it highway robbery class warfare!

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surprises over tax increase

Let's see how surprised all those Teapublicans are when their property taxes go up as a result of state funding cuts and the state sales and meal taxes go up. All these tax increases and funding cuts are happening because LePlague and the Republican Party gave $400 million in tax CUTS to the wealthy.

WAKE UP people. Ignorance is not bliss!

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another bone throw to the 1%

Of course businesses love it. They keep screwing the workers! How many more will be foreclosed, go bankrupt or die because of this?!

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Wind project

So much for LePage and the GOP having Maine be "open for business"! Makes me want to LePuke!

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Military purchases

I am incredulous that the military buys ANYTHING not made in America. It is an issue of national security that we make everything our military needs or uses here at home. Otherwise we are dependent on a potential future enemy for our supplies and that is insane!

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In other words Maine will simply see some NORMAL winter cold for a change. What is with stirring up all this hysteria? This is MAINE & it IS January. Get over it.