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Last renovation was 1981-82...

...not 1953 as the picture's caption would lead one to believe. At that time, the elevator was installed... as were ramps to make it handicap accessible (well before the ADA in 1990). The ADA must have steeper guidelines than what was allowed for during the remodel...?

Sad to see "the old high school" go. Hopefully the building can be put to good use. A recreation center similar to the old ELHS in Auburn would be a great idea. Maybe someone would resurrect the community theatre project and reopen the auditorium in the gymnasium...

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Well ain't that odd...

There are a number of reasons why a suspicious fire might start... doesn't have to be the "NIMBY's."

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Huh... who'da thunk it...

No mention whatsoever in the paper that the plug was pulled on the "Dream Act?" You can bet your last hard earned tax dollar this rag would have been crowing from the rooftops had it passed. I'm just surprised they didn't publish something bashing "those naughty Republicans" for shooting it down.

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Not so much "NIMBY"... just put it where it belongs...

While I agree with you, Gil, that the jobs and new businesses are needed, I have to side with the abutters in this instance. There are locations within the industrial zone where this business could open. If I owned abutting property, I wouldn't want a slaughterhouse going in right next to me, either. Allowing a variance would be typical of Auburn, though. It's just one more way for the city to put the screws to it's taxpaying residents.

You have to figure anyone that purchases property within the agricultural zone would be aware of the restrictions in place. It's not unusual for annual taxes to be around $5,000 or greater (10+ acres, house, garage & barn, typically). Their property valuation (and taxes) will not necessarily go down because an industrial operation gets a variance to go in next door. They'll continue to pay what they've been paying right along... and if they should try to sell? No way in hell is anyone going to give them what the city values their property at because of the industrial activity next door... through no fault of their own. When they bought, they bought with the assurance that something like this would NOT be allowed.

Allowing an industrial operation a variance to open on property zoned only for agricultural use would subject the area to increased road traffic (trucking in animals, trucking out meat, plus the daily workforce); to added noise (the animals, the equipment); to added pests (bugs, varmints). Last but not least, the area would acquire that lovely smell of death. It belongs in the industrial zone where the roads are engineered to handle heavier traffic; where the noise won't be an issue; where the bugs and the smell won't bother residential farmers.

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Correct, yet incorrect at the same time...

Yes, Tron... it was "those nasty Republicans" who had the nerve to allow freed slaves the right to citizenship.

I find it a bit irrational that you want to label the entire Republican party (from 1868 to present day) "for discrimination."

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fatandhappy, you misunderstood my point

You and I are in agreement.

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Civil Rights Act (1866); 14th Amendment (1868)

The Civil Rights Act of 1866, followed by the 14th Amendment in 1868, were enacted to ensure the citizenship of the children of freed slaves... and in direct correction of US 393 (Dred Scott v. Sandford, 1857) which ruled that freed slaves and their descendants were NOT citizens of the United States, and therefore had no legal rights as outlined in our Constitution. While the 14th Amendment grants citizenship to "all persons born or naturalized in the United States," it was never intended to be used to support ILLEGAL immigration. Its wording, however, has allowed it to be used for just that purpose.

At that point in US history, the issue of ILLEGAL immigration had not reared it's ugly head. People arrived here from foreign lands in great numbers. In 1882, the government started paying more attention. Restrictions were placed on WHO could enter. Then came the Immigration Act of 1924 which closed our borders to HOW MANY could enter ("mass immigration"). People of other nations are still welcome to immigrate LEGALLY.

The laws exist. They are "Constitutionally" correct. We only need enforce them. Perhaps it's time to reexamine the 14th Amendment so that it's not abused further.

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What they fail to mention... that these fibers are "dark."

The typical end user will not be calling Maine Fiber Co to order DSL, etc. These fibers are more for hospitals, colleges, etc... End users who would be installing their own equipment on either end of the fiber.

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That's what it breaks down to per parking space ($525,000 for 12 spaces. $43,750 per space.), as long as there are no extenuating circumstances to ADD TO expenditures.

And the school committee can just say "we're doing this." (???)

Who gave them the checkbook? I think they need to give it back.

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Here you go.. the first of the "new jobs!"

Congratulations, folks... Is this what you were voting for? ...I tend to think not...

I'd like to say I'm disappointed, but I'd have had to expected better first.