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A True Hero

What a fine and brave young man :)
Nice to read good news

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I don't even want to wonder what he had in mind !
Thank God he wasn't successful

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Have some of you considered ?

What makes a gun free zone such an easy target ?
For one thing, if someone wants to go shoot students, simply knowing they could be faced with a trained and equiped person has some power in itself.
We're not talking about leaving guns around unattended students or arming untrained people here, we're talking about arming specific personel that have been trained properly to assess and react and to have the tools that unfortunately may be necessary to protect the kids in their care.
Too many people have fallen victim to fear being pushed for the gun control proponents these days.
There are many instances out there were an armed witness or victim was able to defend and protect potential victims because they had the training and weapon to do so.
Like it or not folk, the days of school shootings are already here.
Nobody likes a gun free zone better than an armed criminal with a gun.

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This man has paid his debt to society. He has a talent and there is a demand for these services. People want tattoos and have the right to get them. It's a lucrative business and he has the talent and drive to want to support his family.
Let the man earn his way and appreciate the fact that he cares not to continue his ways of the past.
It kills me when our government (local and federal) feel they have the right to deny citizens their right to earn a living. What on Earth are people suppose to do once they have paid their debt to society when they are denied the right to work?
They have to eat like everyone else.

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I'm curious how anyone should be deciding what someone else does with their body and what is appropraite and/or attractive to different people.
I personally do not have any tattoos.. my issue is that I am an indecisive person that changes my mind a lot and I don't care to make a mistake I'll regret. Other people know what they want and enjoy tattoos. I certainly appreciate the artists and the artwork I see on others. Sometimes I cringe when I see something I think is hideous - but the person that has it usually likes it and it's their body. We all have different opinions and I have no right to force mine on others and neither does anyone else. ;)

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They need to at least learn to speak the language

It seems to me that most of them don't care to even learn to speak our language. They came here - at least embrace the community you live in

Seems to me they expect an apology from everyone, every time something doens't go their way.

I think on this day in particular - we should be considering the losses Ameicans have taken to defend these people

On the anniverary of losing a brave, young, local soldier in the battle of Mogadishu...

I wonder if any of the Somali community would care to say how they feel about that..... just wondering

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I can't believe they returned this dog to the owner!
This is a dangerous animal and obviously is in the hands of irresponsible owners.

The family will now have to go through suing them for the damage to their little girl. Go for the Max in small claims

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Poor Avy

Avy and these other dogs don't stand a chance against these people and dogs raised to be aggressive. Please people, also be very careful in giving away puppies, dogs, cats or any other animal on craigslist or other site. These people often get animals that way also. They will use any animal to train these dogs.

Should be easy enough to figure out who it is.... I hope they get them fast

BTW.... I thought trolls were being done away with here....

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I'd press charges without hesitation... To beat a man simply trying to do his job
They should try doing their job- WATCHING YOUR KIDS!

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While it is very sad that this child has such a low quality of life, I don't see how a genetic abnormality becomes the responsibility of the midwife delivering the baby. This is why it cost so much for OB/GYN doctors to practice - the malpractice insurance is insane.
What's next? Sue the mailman for delivering the bills that stressed you out and caused you to be depressed or have a heart attack...