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Well said, Ernest, well said.

Well said, Ernest, well said.

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I am not doubting their has

I am not doubting their has been stabbings. But look at the articles, almost all of them were people that knew one another, not a random stabbing..

A person wasn't just waiting on Pine Street for someone to walk by, and then stab them.

These are issues every city faces. People are going to get mad at one another, whether you're in Lewiston, or Detroit. People are unfortunately going to attack one another over disputes, it happens every where, not just Lewiston.

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I have walked the city after

I have walked the city after 9PM a few times, and what do you know? I'm still here. I can gladly report that I have not been attacked, stabbed, shot, or something horrific.

Of course their will always be disputes between people. Sometimes people become more physical than others. In my walks, and other people I know who have walked after sunset, we do not see people who are just trying to start trouble with us just for the sake of it. To dismiss Lewiston as being a safe city to walk after 9PM based off the actions of a few people, is wrong.

We read about confrontations, usually it's some sort of domestic dispute. I don't read many articles about people being randomly attacked on the streets of Lewiston.

The Sun Journal, nor the Police Department obviously have all the details at this point with this current situation. Maybe we will find out it was a random stabbing, the suspect randomly attacked the victim as he was walking by.

I'm not sure of any recent attacks, where someone that was walking through Kennedy Park, or down Lisbon Street, or Ash Street, or wherever you want was randomly attacked, stabbed, or raped. Even if that has happened, I don't understand how you can let it prevent you from walking around your town.

Do we allow the terrible tragedies such as the shooting in Newtown, CT from going to school?

Or, the shooting at a Aurora, CO movie theatre prevent us from going to see a movie? I think not.

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Wasn't Bob MacDonald born in

Wasn't Bob MacDonald born in Boston? Maybe he should go back to Boston.

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What an embarrassment to this

What an embarrassment to this city, but since when is this news?

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It's very dirty here? It's

It's very dirty here? It's very dysfunctional? It's a dangerous place?

The only thing that makes this city dysfunctional, dangerous, and dirty are the people that continue to believe this.

Step outside your zone, your bubble, and experience Lewiston.

In this article Reverend Taylor mentions hearing gun shots all the time, not able to sit on his porch? Really?

I'm sorry, but Lewiston is not "Tough" it's not dirty, and it's not dysfunctional. Lets compare to other cities in our country, heck our very own state and even other countries. Then tell me that Lewiston is tough, dirty, and dysfunctional.