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The economy could use the boost

Think of the millions, and millions of dollars that will flow into the State of Maine for this election. This could well be the most well-funded race for the Blaine house in history.

If you held the election now, there would be many businesses who'd miss out on all that $$$$. Caterers, printers, media outlets, etc... say what you want about these candidates, they put money into the economy every time a big election rolls around. There are many struggling small businesses who could use even a meager bump from that election money.

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Couldn't have said it better.

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Schools want boys to behave like girls

Look, some kids need help. There are bad apples in the barrel. I get that. Conformity is the rule of school.

There's a bigger point that's missing here. With schools adopting stricter tolerance policies, care to guess which gender receives most of the discipline/suspensions?

Several articles, published in the last few months have noted a significant decrease in boys' academic test scores. I can tell you from experience, there are less and less male teachers in our schools -- less role models for the boys to follow.

We push books and educational models that do not interest boys. We encourage boys to be hyper-aggressive in sports like hockey, football, basketball. Yet, in the classroom a boy who writes about heroes/villians, or plays cops/robbers on the playground is vilified and singled out in front of their peers for being 'outside the norm'.

Check your child's school library. Do they have a single book that talks about how an engine works? Any books on building a tree house or a science project? Do they have books that would interest your son? I spent an nearly an hour at our school's bookfair trying to find my son something that would interest him.

We need to understand the pendulum has swung too far and need to find a middle ground where all the kids succeed.

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Hot Air Balloons

When I read the title about hot air balloons, I could have sworn it was referencing the debate.

When is the last time a Lewiston mayoral race ended up being a choice between the lesser of two evils?

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I hope I'm wrong...

I just don't see how Lewiston is ready for this. These kids are not prepared for it. The focus has been so laser beam narrow to make sure these kids pass testing, I just don't see how you slam on the brakes and veer off into this... without leaving a trail of unprepared kids behind.

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DA's office doesn't care

The Androscoggin County DA's office just doesn't give a rip. Unless you've created a slam dunk, heinous felony, they just don't care to prosecute.

Take Matthew Wooten of 280 Pine Street. We nailed him stealing from a youth football league. He was caught other times stealing as well. He's got a nice list on his rap sheet. DA's office let him off after paying back 75% of what he took, and the record was reduced to misdemeanor offense.

Oh, Matt was in the paper this week for another felony theft.

Incompetence and indifference are the legacy of Mr. Croteau's tenure as the elected DA.

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Does he meet the age requirement?

Article says he's 24. Will he meet the US House age requirement before the primary?

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LSJ a little help here...

Who voted for/against?

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I hope you are right

I hope you are right, but voters tend to have short memories.

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Been there, done that...

I attended Montello for elementary in the mid 70's and early 80's. It was an awesome school. It is not now.

I have kids that attended Montello. I've volunteered there as well. My kids are part of the 183 that asked out of Montello.

The Montello principal is a warm, breathing rock. She has no business running a school. Need an example? My son attended preK a couple years ago. The bus didn't pick him up. I ended up bringing him to school just before the late bell. When we walked in to the entry, there was a short man wearing a red dress coat. He demanded to know why I was walking in with a child. As I tried to explain the bus never showed up, he made a threatening remark and reached into his coat as if to pull out something. I joked with him I was a foot taller, 100lbs heavier. If he planned on tazing/harming me, I noted he should be sure to stay clear as my falling on him could cause a serious injury. The principal came out of the office to see all the commotion and I asked if she was going to do something about this. She turned around and walked back into her office.

Ask the prinicpal exited, the older lady at the visitor/reception desk passed me a clipboard, asking if I could explain why the bus didn't pick up my son. I politely asked the woman if she was serious. She was. It was all I could do not to break out laughing. Thankfully, my son's preK teacher intervened, got Mr. Red Dinner Coat to stand down, and brought my son to class.

I'd had enough of Montello. We let my youngest attend as the preK teachers are great. Now that my kids are older, they attend Geiger. I'd suggest you spend a day at Geiger. It is night and day. Call it a breath of fresh air, an epiphany...Geiger has been wonderful.

Ball is in your court.