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All good points, but if you

All good points, but if you look at the cost of a big bus vs a van along with the % of capacity actually used per year, the big busses just don't make sense. Just one point of view that should be considered among many.

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Smaller Buses, Vans... We are not Chicago

How many passengers are on any one bus at any one time?
Big empty busses wont help the bottom line, or meet our public transportation needs in an efficient manner.

While it may be argued that we need to improve our bus service, we are running busses that are too big, too costly and too inefficient with regard to passenger loads.

What was not mentioned here was the idea by the Macdonald to better utilize more of the smaller capacity vans. We can do this, saving a lot of money and utilizing the fleet much better.

Big, expensive and mostly empty busses wasting fuel and maintenance dollars are not doing us any good. Buying more just because "everyone else is doing it" is not the right approach.

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This is the best story I've read in a while. So happy for all involved.

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Consiracy to Defraud The US Govt.

Consiracy to Defraud The US Govt.

Wow. Perhaps now we can start uncovering the rest of this and other similarly abhorrent activities defrauding not just the US Govt, but State and Municipal Govt along with the taxpaying citizens who are being fleeced while footing the bill. Isn't it time to start uncovering, investigating, charging and prosecuting those who are perpetrating, enabling and profiting from such abuse. It's time to expose and repair the systemic holes in our system; a system that we have allowed to be abused right under our noses.

Or not.

After all, there is no problem, right?

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By All Means, Reduce or Eliminate tax "breaks"...

By all means, reduce or eliminate tax "breaks", but don't just do it for businesses, if you eliminate one tax break for businesses, also eliminate one tax break for the working class / low income workers who may not be paying out one cent of net tax (but should). To do otherwise would be discriminatory. When we get all wage earners paying a net income tax, we will be on the road to economic recovery.

Eliminating tax breaks, loopholes, credits, exemptions, etc for ALL, be they small business, low income worker, rich executive or part time help, will solve more than simply lashing out at the businesses that employ us.

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It's Portland being Portland.

They (Portland's leadership) are much happier talking the talk than they are walking the walk. Is anything surprising anymore?

Mediocrity! Mediocrity!

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Not sure, but were you there?

"The mayor needs to stop lying about us."
Define "us".

Every time he opens his mouth I keep hearing that the people of LA are a bunch of dope smoking, tattooed, lazy, stupid, leeches hanging around city hall all day to rob the honest tax payer.

Change "the people of LA" to "there are people in LA who" and your paraphrasing quote will be more accurate.

"We apparently all live in substandard housing in filth and we are mainly criminals."
Never heard this once.

His job is to drive us all out to make our community liveable.
Define "us".

While I agree there is a section of the city that needs improving I don't agree that the mayor's job is to focus exclusively on those few blocks and to ignore the rest of us.
Define "us".

"Who is doing all the work in our factories?"
Factories? Is this 1956?


"Restaurants, churches, hospitals, museums, etc."
Restaurants are having a hard time, Churches are closing, hospitals are cutting staff, museums are laying off and reducing hours.

"Who are the volunteers who show up in hordes at festivals, disasters, clean ups, fund raisers and work without pay."
Key phrase: "Work without pay"

Are they lazy?
Define "they".
Now point us to where "they" per your definition, relates to "they" in Macdonalds definition.

"Every place I go there are help wanted signs."
Therefore we can assume you work a full time 40 hour job?

"We have jobs."
Do you have a job?

"We have hospitals, parks, walking trails, excellent schools, a thriving art community, free or inexpensive PARKING, colleges"
All very important, but none of which actually bring in revenue, they are net revenue loss entities. (Also, I do not see a "thriving art community", i see an art community, but while it is nice and something I admire, it is not quite thriving... yet)

"and a crime rate so low the police have to remind us from time to time to lock our homes and cars."
While, if they have to remind us perhaps its not so low as you think.

"And we have a development plan to make out community even better. The mayor is our voice to the world. I don't like what I have been hearing because it does not describe the LA I see every day."
This final quote is yours and it is your rightful opinion. I respect that opinion 100%. As for the rest of your commentary... ehem.
Nice to interact again Claire, it's been a while, hope you are well.

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Smilin' Larry vs Banzai Bob.

Smilin' Larry vs Banzai Bob.

In a fight I'd pick Bob for my team.
But smiling makes people lower their guard... perfect for surprise attacks.

You decide.

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Maine's Dumbest Article

Pass it on...

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Harry Dilbert's Casino. Some

Harry Dilbert's Casino. Some people don't give up.