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Two women and an interpreter

We've established from other commenters that the citizenship test requires some usage of English. These 2 women may have had an interpreter because, even though they were able to speak enough English to pass the citizenship test, they may not be as versed in reading English; hence, the interpreter to translate the ballot (written English) into their native language. There are a lot of people in Maine who were born in Maine but who speak English with a French accent, because French is their first language. It wasn't until they went to school that they learned English, but even now, prefer to speak in French if given the opportunity. I know a woman who is a native Mainer, and is now a senior citizen, who says she still prays in French, even though her English is excellent.

I don't think those of us for whom English is our native language quite understand what it's like to have learned another language first, and then learned English.

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Putting Mainers first

I think Gov. LePage and a Democratic legislature will have different definitions of who constitutes "Mainers" and how best to put them first.

I think everthing that LePage proposes should come with a direct statement from him of which Mainers he's trying to help and how his proposal will directly help those Mainers he has defined for that proposal.

He should have his feet held to the fire for the next two years, to add substance to his rhetoric. And after two years, then we can boot him out.... I'd like to see Eliot Cutler run again.

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The article seemed pretty thorough, except for the issue of pets. Are any allowed? If so, how many and which kinds?

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I wish the article indicated whether the hiker was at the beginning or the end of the Trail. It's still a tragedy regardless....

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Training money

The WIA (Workforce Investment Act) money, as well as most other money available for training expenses, is only for those without a degree.

The career center itself, as well as the online Maine Job Bank and any training put on by career center staff, don't discriminate based on education level, but if you want to tap into any training money to attend other types of training, forget it if you already have a degree, even if the degree was earned decades ago, and is no longer relevant to your current career search.

I once signed up for a Maine Educational Opportunity Center (MEOC) workshop on "Essentials of College Planning" that was being offered free at the Career Center. After the woman handed me the forms to fill out, she asked each of us what kinds of careers we were looking for, and whether we already had any kind of post-secondary education. When she found out I already had a bachelor degree and was looking to attend college to get some additional training, she practically ripped the forms out of my hand (she reached across the table to grab the paperwork still in my hand), and told me I didn't qualify for the workshop. Because there were only 4 attending the workshop, she let me "sit in" on the session, but from then on, she ignored me when she asked questions, looking for answers only from the other three, and I wasn't allowed to fill out any paperwork and submit it to her.

I also applied for training money from the Career Center itself through WIA and the stumulus money that was additionally available for a time, but was turned down because of the prior degree, even though I had lost my previous job because of the economic downturn and had been unable to find a new job because of my outdated skills.

Both of these stories are true.

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The article says that the apartment manager indicated that the building is "gone" after having just been almost comepletely renovated, and the fire investigator estimates damage at "$5,000." Is that a typo? How can damages be only $5,000 when the newly renovated building is "gone"?

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Congratulations to the Lewiston cheerleaders. You have made the whole state of Maine proud.

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Origin of "politics" as a word

Steve, you're full of it. The word "politics" comes from the Greek word "politikos" which means "political."

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April Fool's

While "John" was out to lunch, "Mary" and I tied all of "John's" office furniture together so that he couldn't move his chair out from his desk, and we also taped all his desk drawers shut, so they couldn't be opened, and taped his phone handset to the base. Basicaly, nothing in his cubicle worked the way it was supposed to. It was April Fool's Day. He was a good sport about it.

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As a former recipient of the monthly distribution of these commodities bags, I question the nutrition claim, because the bag contents ran heavily toward carbohydrates -- cereal, pasta, high-sugar fruit juice, canned fruit, canned corn, canned peas, etc. As a diabetic, the contents didn't leave me with much that I could eat. The canned meat, like canned beef, looked like dog food when opened, and contained mostly beef by-products, not beef, so things like blood vessels were clearly visible. The bags also came with a 2-pound block of cheese each month. If I ate only a portion of that block of cheese that month, next month I got 2 MORE pounds of cheese. If I ate that much cheese in a month, I'd be permanently "bound up" for the rest of my life. I finally gave up on getting better, more varied fare. I know they mean well, but I think the bag contents left much to be desired. I wasn't supposed to give any of the food away, but what was I going to do -- throw it out? I know -- I'm looking a "gift horse" in the mouth, but maybe if the staff of the food bank read these comments, they'll look at the contents from a diabetic, single, older person's perspective.