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Pick one

I got CableVision when it first came out, because pay TV was ad-free. They then violated that agreement, so I cancelled.

Now I use Netflix. They offer content for a price I'm willing to pay, without wasting my time with advertising.

You accept payment by advertisers to put their message in front of me.

I'm willing to put up with that advertising if content that may be of value to me is delivered at no extra charge.

If you are going to charge me to view news, information, propaganda, and sometimes inane commentary, then get rid of the ads.

You pick it.

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Lawyers !!

"Lowe had a 0.04 blood-alcohol level, Howaniac said. The legal threshold is 0.08."

Howaniec must have been absent the day they taught "Legal Drinking Age" at Law School.

The age in Maine is 21. If she is not 21 then the "threshold" is 0.00.

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You get the same bill I do

You get the same bill I do Jerry. And you pay it every time you pay property tax, income tax, social security tax, gas tax, tire tax, fuel oil tax, food tax, etc. The only thing that's free is your decision to ignore it.

The portion of tax revenue that goes only to pay interest on this obscene debt would cover the ACA.

Just not thought out:

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Dem Advice

Well Geee Whizz, thank you dems for helping us understand the problem!

Do the math. 17 trillion dollars in debt. 340 million Americans.

Every single citizen is in debt $50,000 before we even think about buying a car, house or furnishings. For my family of five, that's $250,000 in wasted capital.

Pull your head out of it dems and be thankful someone is willing to take a stand against this obscenity.

We're not gonna take it.

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FYI, pleading Not Guilty to charges that were brought in response to an "unrelated investigation" is not the same thing as denying having sex with someone. It merely means she is taking advantage of her right to trial.

Do you realize that in that small town probably everyone knows who is involved, and you have just stigmatized the possible victim?

Come on journalists, match the headline with the facts!

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This idiocy reminds me of that bumper sticker. Join the Army. See new places. Meet interesting people. Kill them.

Except it's "come on down to Kennedy Park and see the water cannon we'll use on you when the Franco Festival gets out of hand".

Mike: It's Obama money. That means your grandchildren will be paying for this nonsense.

You're absolutely right, LPD needs more personnel, not more toys. But that's a recurring local expense that can be hidden in federal debt. Not their fault. Four years from now (when the country moves from tax and spend to save and defend) they can put this albatross down with the Jeep by the River.

Andrew: The cops already have drones. They beam information from 20 miles in either direction to the ten cars at the speed trap in Sidney, among other places.

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can't read.

Balanced budget means you CAN'T have a surplus. It's called excessive taxation.

$58 million / 1 million Mainers = $290 for my family.

Hey Peggy, when can I expect my refund check?

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Time will tell

History will treat this courageous leader much more kindly than it will the social worker currently lounging at his former residence.

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1984 is here, finally.

I LOVE this.

Responsible Gambling
Military Intelligence
Assisted Suicide
Reproductive Rights
Jumbo Shrimp
Government Worker

Please add your own to this list of oxymorons

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Invest in losers

Um Jerry. The 61% ers appear to be very proud to have invested in losers. Have you not seen the bumper stickers? But Frank is right. Nobody wins in a three way race.