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Thanks, Jerry!

How could I have forgotten? sigh.

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Hubby knew it...

He came up with the name right away. Then I went to IMdb and checked. He was right! I didn't know Flemming died when he was so young! It may have been suicide. Now I need to ask you a question. Who was the guy, western star, that was skiing and got stabbed in the heart by his ski pole and lived to tell about it? Tall, dark hair, built, good looking. Can't think of his name or the show he was the star of. But us girls in high school never missed watching that show. He was a hunk. (giggle.)

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Eric Flemming.

He played Gil Favor. Eric died at 41 when he was shooting a scene in Peru.

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Thanks, Steve! is wicked funny! I went there and had a good laugh. Needed that.

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Yes! Go for it!

Sounds like a blast!

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Insurance needs to go.

I agree Claire, what needs to be fixed is the state of our health care. And for this to happen we need to get insurance out of the equation. Medicine needs to be nationalized. Other countries do it, we can, too. Medicare for all, or some type of one-payer system.It would save billions and pay for itself. And we need a system that delivers prescriptions at the same cost as other countries. There should be no one who has to decide between eating or getting their needed medication yet it happens far too often.

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At least get the Sun Journal to tell us where the hell Roseville is! AND make him post using his real name. I have reason to believe he is not using his real name. There is a Mark on Alternet that is always denied to comment. Sounds like a troll to me.

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Can't find the article, Ron.

But now I need a bath. What a nasty site!

You got a link for that comment?

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Dingbat economics from the Grovel troll.

Actually, YOU would be the one calling it welfare, as you do with Social Security disability insurance.

Up your wazoo, buster.

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Pure speculation.

You can't be serious.

Corporate welfare has to cease! If Bath gives in to this new TIF it is because they are led by timid and uneducated leaders. General Dynamics has a healthy profit margin. Why do the taxpayers have to pony up for this expansion? They can't get a TIF to reduce their taxes.

You people who scream blody murder anytime a poor/disabled/elderly person gets a hand up really don't have a leg to stand on in this argument. Either that, or you really like being a hypocrite.