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The bond between veterans

This story speaks so much to the special bond that exists between veterans and even more so to the relationship between vets who served together in a platoon, squadron, ship or what have you. THIS is why I have spent the past few years helping to reunite buddies who served together.
May Nick rest in peace knowing his brother-in-arms did NOT forget him and that his daughters were able to connect with Norm and learn more about their Dad, from someone who knew Nick before the war began to affect him, like so many before and after his tour of duty.
Thank you, Norm, for your service...and for your unending love for a fellow Nam vet. To you, Norm, and to your buddy, Nick, I say, "Welcome Home,Bros'".

Rog Hamann
Nam vet

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Congradulations, Michelle

Congradulations, Michelle from the other Roger and Joan Hamann of Greene!

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Field of Honor

THANK YOU to Rollie Heckethorn, David Projansky, the Maine Military Academy cadets, Auburn Exchange Club and LHS and LMS cadets. It makes me proud to see that our community is rising up to honor our fallen heroes. All gave some,some gave all... and we should never forget that.

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Everyone's entitled to a mistake, Mr. Larson...this one's YOURS!

"I’d like to give LaFlamme the benefit of the doubt that his column was satirical, but we’ve heard enough negative comments about Lewiston to make us think anyone reiterating them isn’t really interested in changing them. LaFlamme seems more the bartender than the Bogart in his tale. Which is too bad, because we’d really like someone to say something positive about the city. So far, that’s been elusive."
Anyone living in the Lewiston/Auburn area who is still living under that proverbial rock, thinking there is nothing to do and nowhere to go is sitting with four flat tires in their own virtual "pit stop" with nary a pit'ance of a clue as to what's going on in their own city.
May I suggest you take a look at the Lewiston Auburn Magazine and see what's happpening in our hometown. Lots of changes are going on to reinvent ourselves here in the L/A community and to see such negative remarks "from away" is akin to the blind leading the blind.
I enjoy Mark Laflamme's satire as much as the next guy but how much credence can you give to a guy who lives and works in this community but is a fan of the Kansas City Royals!
Let's far is Sioux Falls from Kansas City???

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Vietnam Veterans Day

Although I appreciate the intent and sentiment behind Rep. Briggs's proposed bill, I too, as a Vietnam veteran, do not feel a special day should be set aside on a yearly basis to honor my fellow Nam vets. ALL veterans are honored on Veterans Day, Novemver 11.
I understand her and others' feelings about rectifying the injustice done to many Vietnam veterans who did not receive the "welcoming home" other veterans from other wars have had bestowed upon them.
Peoples' perceptions of Vietnam vets are quite different now than they were 40 plus years ago. Today's soldier has reaped the benefits of lessons learned from those shameful years of name calling and wrongly subjected dishonor to our American fighting men and women who served during the Vietnam War.
Maybe a one time "Welcome Home" celebration for all Maine, Vietnam veterans would be a better way of righting a wrong. I do not feel that a yearly, Vietnam Veterans Day, is in order.