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hey Thanks

Thanks! Nice Photo! The only problem is, you've shared a picture of it almost lit and not only 3.

Thank you for the picture though. It's lovely.

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Would have been nice

to seen pictures or video of the Lighted Menorah, Scott.

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I have to agree

It was Very Poor Judgement to say you want the ability to go out and get drunk and Walk Home.

When you live in a Close Knit Community the Most important Thing is to FEEL SAFE! Not to Go out Get Drunk and Walk Home! Oh How Very Repulsive to say This!

Transportation is a HUGE Issue Lewiston/Auburn Needs to look at your need to GREATLY Improve the Bus System as well as other forms of Transportation. The Cost of a Cab has gotten Outrageous!

When I lived in Lewiston on Russell Street by Main Street at Russell Street Trailer Park, The Cab Companies wanted to Charge Me, Between $11.00 to $13.00 for a Cab to go across the Veteran's Bridge! This is Absurd! The Cab Companies Cry about the cost of Gas but, the ONLY Cab Company out there really paying for the gas of their Cabs is City Cab. The rest falls on the Drivers.

You cannot keep raises prices and rates and think the average person working or not, can afford a cab, Bus, or Train if it ever makes it up here.

You need to bring in something for a business or a concept that will attract other businesses and venues to Lewiston and Auburn.

Building Hotels and converting an Old Mill will not draw people to Lewiston Auburn. Getting rid of the Riff Raff and the Drugs and Crime Will. Also Offering Tax Brakes to New Businesses and help through A.V.C.O.G (Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments and the SBA (Small Business Association will help Lewiston Fully Revitalize and become a New And Better Community for all Living there and attracting others there.

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Paul LePage has been the Biggest Disgrace to the Governor's office since we began having Governors. Even Jock Mckernon who I loathed and hated wasn't as bad as the guy.

Anyone Dumb enough to vote to re-elect this man, is as Big a Fool as LePage is!

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Thank you Chief Hardy

and your Men for the Wonderful Job you do Fighting Fires in Livermore Falls. I for one am thankful for men like you that work very hard to keep the Town Safe when a Fire Occurs.

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What An Amazing Story!

Thank Sargent Maynard for sharing your Story with the rest of us Mainers. May God Bless You and your Family During the 50th Anniversary of President Kennedy's Assassination and The Thanksgiving and Christmas Season. We as Americans are Thankful to Men like you who did their job protecting the President.

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How Sad

to see another Old Home from my Youth Lost to Fire. I used to live at 63 Depot Street and grew up as a kid playing at this home. It belonged to Dick & The Late Ruth Brophy. They were Wonderful people and enjoyed growing up with their Son Richard and their Daughters, Becky, Robin and Rocky. They taught me how to swim at Long Pond Day Camp and attended Becky's Wedding To Jeff Bowie as a Kid and handed her flowers as she walked down the Aisle of the Jay Baptist Church. Lots of Happy Memories with this home and this family.

Prayers for the Current Owners that they have insurance and the home can be saved.

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Has Lewiston's Mayor LOST HIS MIND?!

Mayor MacDonald. What Planet are you on Mars? Are you Crazy?! There isn't Good enough Bus Service as it is, the Lewiston/Auburn area. Cutting Services IS NOT What You Need to be Doing! You Need to Expand the Services With More Buses, Longer Hours of Operation and Better Weekend Service.

Right now the 10 buses you run are now on 2 hour runs. Runs used to be every half hour and ended service at 5 pm. Now it goes a little longer on some routes but, after 6:30 in the evening, There is NO Bus Service and Non on Sundays and what you offer on Saturdays is okay but, You folks Really Need to Expand the bus service into later in the evening and more on the weekends. People WILL USE the Buses if they run later and more on the weekends. You want cut down on Traffic and Emissions Not increase them.

To Cut Bus Service any further Would Drive people away from Lewiston Auburn not get them to come here. Stop and think for a minute of events that happen now and could happen if there was better bus service. You have The Portland Pirates Playing their entire home season in Lewiston at the Colisee because of a disagreement they are having with the Civic Center. If you were to offer bus service at night to the games there would be less traffic congestion around the Colisee and there wouldn't be the traffic nightmares that happen over there.

You could also have more business for your the malls in both cities as well as Walmart and even the Community College as well as USM Lewiston Campus would benefit from expanded bus service.

I am sure there is plenty of Grant Money Lewiston, Maine could get under a Community Block Re-Development plant or a City revitalization of transportation if you were to get clean air buses or Green Buses. I am sure if the Lewiston/Auburn Transit Committee does their homework and gets help from The Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments as well as asking Senators Susan Collins and Angus King along with US Representatives, Micheal Michuad and Chellie Pingree, I am sure the Money can be found if you ALL Work together. Improving Public Transportation will help Bring Business to Lewiston/Auburn as well as New and Good Families.

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God ForbidKen

Did you ever stop think the prisoner might be remorseful for his Crime? He is getting an education and help so he won't re-offend. What do you want him Killed too? Would that Solve anything? Love you Negative People that NEVER See any Good Come out of a Bad Situation and You wonder why People call it Lewiston F***ING Maine! You People are So Negative so ready do it the bad person you NEVER think ANYONE Will Ever Change! So Glad I Moved out of your Crime Ridden Drug Infested Hell Hole City!

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Being Gay

If Someone's Sexual Orientation is going influence your decision on who runs the state of Maine Then you're a Sad Individual who needs to get a life. What we need in the Blaine House is someone for the people not a Hot Headed J****** like we have now who is out for himself and no one else. I never voted for the man and I don't like the man and the sooner LePage is out of Augusta, the Better off Maine will be.

I wish Congressman Michaud Good Luck in Running for Governor. He has my vote because he is for ALL OF US, not just some of us.