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Kudos to Mr. Rinaldo and Mr. Homes for their hard work.

Sounds like a thorough study to give the town a solid inventory of what's here for business and a clear direction to give us our best shot as developing successful business.

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What a great thing to do.

Very nice of all of you at Kreckel Law firm!

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Sad to hear the news

Carlo has done a great job as the town manager. I found him to be very professional and knowledgeable. I love the way he added so much to the town, dressing up as characters on different occasions and always looking out for the towns best interest. I wish him the best.

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Thank you Fred

My mother is a fine lady and she has worked hard at the Center. The issues surrounding Seniors are very important to her and she worked hard to make things better in town. She even made a presentation to draw attentions to the issues that seniors face that played on public access for awhile. What's going on is really bothering her.

She was recently admitted to RCH and I'm on my way to visit her. I'll tell her of your kind words.

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What was sarcastic about that?

My mother played a very active role for awhile in managing things at the Senior Center. She has direct knowledge on this and there was no confusion in her answer.

It also gives me first hand knowledge about what the center means to some seniors. How it improves their quality of life and lessons their isolation. Important things for people living alone on fixed incomes.

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My mother recently helped at the Senior Center

and she told me that the GRCC previously only charged the seniors $25.00 a month for rent.

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Phil, you hear what you choose to hear

I clearly said I agree with efficiencies in a planned, thoughtful way. I know you put some ideas out and I hope they are looked at. However, the "say no to everything" message has really caused some problems as this article indicates. It will cause other issues as well and it will affect public safety. Those are facts.

NO ONE called any individuals cancerous, just the overall functioning of your group. Please stop twisting our words

Town leaders do deserve our scrutiny. They don't deserve juvenile, demeaning cartoons. Are you really arguing that behavior is helpful? It seems simply spiteful and juvenile to me.

Finally, could WE be nastier. I didn't call anyone ignorant or suggest anyone was doing hallucinogens. I simply called you on your behavior. Mr. Blampied, could you model for us how we should behave in these discussions?

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Spend itself blindly into catastrophe?

and you say you don't use scare tactics? Really?

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No one is a proponenet of higher taxes

Many of us do realize that the taxes that we pay are used to make this town a much better place to live. The "Scare Rumford" group has been part of a movement that has made life worse for many people in the area and many people realize that without some of the things our taxes provide for, our town will be a much less healthy, friendly and safe place to live. They believe that if we are to attract business and have a vibrant community that people will want to live in and perhaps move to, these things are important.

The article above about the possibility of the Senior Citizen's losing their place is a prime example. Many seniors live alone. The major thing that improves their quality of life is being able to get together with their friends and share a meal. It helps them lead a healthier, happier life here in the River Valley. The board of the GRCC recognized that and charged them next to nothing for rent. The consequences of the "vote no on everything" message is pretty clear now as to what it is doing to our seniors.

That's just one example. There are plenty of others.

The "Scare Rumford" group has not made the town a better place to live. Ask the seniors that may be losing their center. Ask the people that put their heart and soul into the library when they can't keep the building up any longer and have to substantially reduce hours. Ask everyone who uses our roads when they are plowed less frequently and high snow banking make it more dangerous for kids getting to school. Ask the children that will probably not have the GRCC or may not have a chance to play baseball next summer. Ask the families of those children if this continues to be a town where they want to live. Ask potential businesses if they want to move their families here. That's the fundamental difference we are talking about here.

The tax cap takes the will of the voters completely out of the equation. You want these things for the community? Too bad, we have a tax cap. Your group is always talking about the will of the voters but how could you really care about the will of the voters when you are so so hard to make sure that their will means little to nothing.

I don't know who put up that sign but I agree with it. The tax cap will make sure that these things we are losing will likely stay gone. Then the only reason for people to live here will be for cheap housing and perhaps because of a weak police force. Does that sound like a place any of us would want to live?

One last thing Phil. You are looking quite hypocritical to criticize anyone by saying people are "vicious" for saying that your group is cancerous to the town while you are accusing me of doing mushrooms and calling others ignorant. Go back and read your former posts, dripping with sarcasm, name calling and treating those that disagree with you with disdain and contempt. I've always liked and respected you Phil and it bothers me to watch you treat others like you have because they disagree with you.

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Your comment about the mushrooms...

I guess is your way of showing everyone how your on the moral high ground. You can chastise people for pointing out the facts and name calling but then you make comments like that?

Your statement that "Scare Rumford" is a new group is simply not accurate. Many of the core members have been involved in the tax cutting efforts and crying about the mill going to close for years now.

Here's my belief about your involvement in town affairs. I have previously admired and respected you for always taking the high road and always focussing on trying to improve things in town. You stayed positive and worked to try to be helpful and bring good things to the town and I believe that in the past you have done some really nice things here. What about now Phil? What are you doing now, besides making juvenile, condescending videos and cartoons and posting them on your site? Those things don't help and frankly, they are beneath you.

Your right about Len. I know he has done much for the veterans and I was impressed when he showed up at the GRCC and the meeting at Black Mtn.

I've been volunteering in this town pretty much since I've been here. From voluntarily coaching a swim team in 1984 to recently volunteering at Black Mtn, Relay for Life, town Finance board, etc. Although I've always tried to be a positive influence in the town, I don't volunteer nearly as much as some others. People that work tirelessly and unselfishly day in and day out for years to make this town a better place. People that you and your group spit in the face of when you spread your criticism and misinformation about the things they work to build. Things that make this town a better place to live. Things that make people and potentially businesses want to come to this area and stay in the area once here.