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Lyme Disease

I have had knee and joint arthritis for many years now with all the classic symptoms, pain and stiffness in the joints and unable to stand for long periods of time without sitting.

Several years ago I got bitten by a tick and was infected with the classic bulls-eye rash associated with Lyme Disease. I received the standard 3 week dose of antibiotics.While on the antibiotics I noticed that my joints were much better with no knee pain.

However, all the problems came back after the 3 week period on antibiotics. A couple of years later I required antibiotics for 10 days for another infection. Again the knee and joint pain eased. Mentioning this to my Dr. he said that he couldn’t put me on long-term antibiotics for all the standard reasons.

My joint problems continued to get worse and after having x-rays confirming my knee problems was told that I likely would be a candidate for knee replacement. I then researched the subject of inflammation and discovered that there are several natural anti-inflammatory substances commonly found the natural health field. The one most commonly referred to was Curcumin. It was said that Curcumin was a powerful anti-inflammatory equaling the standard antibiotics without any of the side effects. Curcumin comes from the spice tumeric which is an ingredient in mustard.
I found a website that has a product that was the best value and decided to try it. One note….Curcumin is not well absorbed in water. It should be mixed with extra virgin olive oil to make it more effective. I open up the capsule and mix it in a tablespoon of olive oil. Within a couple of weeks time I was seeing a big improvement in my joints. After a couple of months I was pain free able to stand for long periods of time, climb stairs and do other things without problems.

I would recommend to anyone that suspects that they have symptoms of Lyme disease or other joint problems try Curcumin. At the age of 73 I’m feeling better then I have for many years. There is a lot of info on the site about Curcumin. Drug company’s have tried to patent this product but the courts said it was a natural substance and therefore unable to patent it. Because of this they aren’t interested as there is no big profits to be made without a patent.

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Voter ID

There are far too many close elections for the voters to ignore the possibility of voter fraud. Because it benefits the Democrats they are pushing hard to prevent voter Id. Voter fraud is easy to do. Keep a list of the obit’s from the previous year and ask for a ballot in their name. Deceased names are not purged from voter lists immediately following death. It’s simple to ask for a ballot in their name and no one is wiser. A ballot also can be obtained for a living voter as was demonstrated last year in NH. A photo Id stops all that. The Democrats are looking very sleazy on this issue!

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Detroit Sales

If this story is true then its good news. However I have a cautious feeling when I see these kinds of stories. Detroit is now too closely allied with this administration willing or not, to feel really good about this info. Detroit took a hit when all the bailout stuff
occurred when Obama was first elected. The soft market continued until the pressure to replace aged product created a spike in demand. Once this demand is satisfied then it likely will revert back to slow sales.

In an election year this administration will tout increased sales as a miracle of Obama’s wise policies bailing out Detroit. Of course the news media will willingly help by repeating the message. If any of those bailed out automakers make one cent of profit it should go back to the taxpayers first until it’s completely paid.

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Mortgage crisis

This is a total scam. Who forced lenders to make loans that they wouldn’t otherwise make to poor and minorities? The Federal Government! It was first done under the threat of ‘redlining’. When the banks objected that this was a poor business practice the bank regulators told the bank to give out the loans anyway and the government would guarantee the loan if it failed. The banks not wanting to have a large portfolio of these risky loans then bundled them and sold them as securities to investors Fannie & Freddie with the knowledge that the Government would back them. When the housing market collapsed Fannie & Freddie holding all these loans asked to be bailed out. So now Obama and his henchmen say the banks that made the loans are at fault? I can see it now, Obama’s re-election mantra will be those big bad banks conned all these poor minorities into taking a loan they couldn’t afford. Those big bad banks should be taught a lesson! This is nothing but fodder for his re-election!

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Voter registration

Another attempt to corrupt our voting system. This has been pushed by
the national Democratic Party as a useful tool when they feel its needed.
It’s easier to register dead people when there isn’t a means to verify the information on voting day. The solution is to have a resident database on a computer to verify anyone who wants to vote on election day. If you not on that list than no vote. If you aren’t responsible enough to pre-register then you don’t deserve to vote in that election. You have given up your voting rights by not following the rules that everyone else is required to follow.

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Snow Job

You need to turn Democrat and be honest with the voters. The Tea folks have a wider tent than the Republican power base cares to admit!

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Solar Power

Reducing your carbon footprint is a foolish way to justify your costly investment
in solar technology. Out of 100,000 molecules of air there are only approximately 38
molecules of carbon. It would take 5 years at the present rate of generation to add one molecule of carbon to that mix. If it makes you feel better to invest that kind of money to reduce your carbon footprint do it. At least be honest with yourself. You are not making any difference overall that can be measured.

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Topless March

The only thing that comes to mind reading the story....what boobs!