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Methadone in Maine-Comparing Addiciation to diabetes

Having just read this article and having a spouse that has had Type 1 diabetes( insulin dependent) for 46 years I find myself appalled at the comparision of addication to diabetes. You do not chose to have Type 1 diabetes, it chooses you by either genetic markers or injury/stress that compromises the immune system. Lifestyle choices do not make a difference with type 1. If insulin is withheld from an insulin dependent diabetic he or she will go into diabetic coma and die, pure and simple. A opiate addict going through withdrawals will have a very uncomfortable harrowing experience but as a rule do not die.The addict has made lifestyle choices, such as the person who mentioned using opiates going to raves. He or she has the ability within themselves to stop the risky behavior but chose not to. The insulin dependent diabetic cannot make those choices, all he or she can hope for is good blood sugar control to minimize the extensive list of life threating complications that usually go hand in hand with the disease.So please get the facts straight and stop using disease such as diabetes to justify the addication mindset.
Why a person would need to be on methadone for 7 years is beyond me, it is just substituting one drug for another and inabling the addict to continue to have excuses.If they truly wanted to stop and be clean it should not take 7 years at taxpayers expense.How many private insurance companies would pay for that amount of treatment?

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Oxford County Fairgrounds ownership

I read with great interest the trials and tribulations of the Nateva Festival. The part that stuck out to me was that the owner of the property in question is listed as Black Bear Entertainment of Casco, the proposed Oxford County casino group. This is very intersting as being a resident of Oxford, I thought that the property was owned by the Oxford County Agricultural Society. Did a reality transfer take place selling off part of the Fairgrounds, or is this another seperate piece of property that Black Bear Entertainment LLC bought from another land owner. It just seems a little fishy that the property owner is listed as Black Bear with the Casino refrendum coming up for a vote. I would think that indeed if the Oxford County Agricultural Society did own the property a vote of the full OCAS membership would need to take place in order to transfer ownership. Did this happen and when? I think that OCAS should be allowed to rent their facility to whomever they want to do business with and make as much money as they can to operate the facility as an agricultural venue.I am in hopes that parts of  profit generated by the proceeds of the Nateva Festival will be going to OCAS to continue to fund their facility and the Oxford County Fair. I would be extremely disappointed to find out that slick manuverings by a few would result in the loss of such a historic venue.

 I wish Nateva good luck in getting the permitting process worked out and they can hold a successfully run event that the locally economy can profit from, especially the Oxford County Agricultural Society.