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Found a "close of business" notation- Auburn has after hours opt

I researched the State of Maine website this morning. I am upset at myself if I missed a time deadline on my report- but I noted the dates when I registered earlier in the fall.

This morning I found a reference in State law which says the report is due at the close of business day:

Filing Campaign Finance Reports on Paper. Each original campaign finance report signed by the candidate and/or treasurer must be properly filed with the Clerk’s Office by the filing deadline, except in two circumstances. A properly signed report may be faxed to the Clerk’s Office at the number above by the close of business on the deadline, provided that the Clerk’s Office receives the original report within five calendar days. A report mailed to the Clerk’s Office by certified or registered mail and postmarked at least 2 days before the filing deadline will not be considered late, even if it is received after the deadline. and the header on the schedule says FILING DEADLINE (BY CLOSE OF BUSINESS) REPORT PERIOD 11-

Auburn is always open for business. City Hall has an official after hours mail box in the lobby available 24 hours a day, seven days a week- so it never crossed my mind I had to go to the clerk's office during normal work hours. As a resident, I've greatly appreciated our little red mailbox.

My apologies to all for missing the deadline- by misunderstanding and not intent. I still appreciate the City of Auburn having having 24 hour access.

Thank you.
Tizz Crowley
Auburn City Council Ward 1

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Crowley did file a report on time- no dollars spent

I did complete a report and delivered to city hall yesterday. I notified this reportor in the evening when I got home and had a call from the city clerk apologizing for not sending me a reminder message.

I could not find any place in the campaign requirements and packet that stated the report was due before 4:30pm. Mine was dropped off in the official office after hours mail box at city hall around supper time.

For the record, I collected no funds and I've spent no dollars.

I hope the Sun Journal will correct this story for future versions.

Thank you.
Tizz E.H. Crowley
Auburn City Council Ward 1

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Great photos- how frequently is the water tested at this beach?

Very nice photographs, I can feel the coolness of the water.

Maine's ocean coastline, many of our state parks and the outlet beach all report issues with water for swimming. I wonder what is the procedure used for safety testing at this beach in the article. Taylor pond is quite shallow, which is why it's great for swimming, but does that mean water temperatures are higher?

It would be interesting to see the last month's test results- especially with warm days and heavy rains.

Please keep us cool... will watch for more photos that places us in the location. Thanks,

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Thank you to the Sun Journal for doing the live feed...

Thank you to the Sun Journal. I didn't realize how easy it is to enjoy the live feed service. I wasn't feeling well enough to go to the library today, so imagine my surprise when I got the email saying your paper was streaming the session live.

I enjoyed the presentation and have admired Ms. Perkins for years.

I will now find out if the Sun Journal archives these types of recordings. I know there were other Forums I'd hoped to attend and didn't.

Nice service by the Forum and the Sun Journal to keep the community updated.

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Council was briefed in Executive Session

The City Council was not aware of any specifics on the situation until the Executive Meeting. The City Council did not make the decision to delay information to the public.

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speaking as a resident and supporting Water District Trustees

Just would like to correct a notation. I was not at the Beach Study meeting as a member of LAWNA. I stated I was speaking as an Auburn resident and in strong support for the Auburn Water District, where I serve as the Mayor's Representative, and the Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission. The AWD has offered to assist the City to keep the beach and PARK open. AWD has agreed to provide daily water testing, to assist with removal of the birds and to provide any technical support/ advice needed relating to water and the the park lands owned by LAWPC. Additionally, the AWD and LAWPC strongly support getting the State to take responsibility for the Route 4 issues the State created... it is the primary reason for water problems and citizen safety this specific location.

One option would be to increase monitoring of the water and see if testing indicates a need to close the water to swimming.... last year that was 4 days, partly due to delays in the retesting of the water. Do we really need to close swimming and the PARK because 4 days were eliminated?

I support the City's position of ensuring safe swimming. I just ask the same concern be applied to all swimming in the city. The Comprehensive Plan mentions swimming, but we have not heard the City commit to ensure other facilities are also safe. Yes, I know they are privately owned locations, but the City has to license the facilities. I agree public safety is a responsibility of the City, but it applies equally.

The consultant admitted she had limited data and did not have access to all water testing results. She mentioned state park standards but did not indicate how our water quality compared. She did not seem to know about Swan Lake State Park which has had significant duck issues- "and how has that been handled"... I asked.

The consultant also did not address any Park issues or concerns. Even without the swimming option, this is a lovely park and picnic opportunity... one of the few in all of Auburn. The city is holding up monies designated for park improvements. There should already be a plan in place to implement this spring for the park with or without swimming.

The city keeps talking about a recreation master plan... great idea, especially based on the amount of monies, over $8.6M, we've voted for recreation projects in the last 6 months. But if the City is holding up actions for one park until the recreation master plan is completed, than all parks should be treated equally. We should not be buying land and spending money on a park that is not in the comprehensive plan or the CIP document in previous years if we cannot take care of what we already have in Auburn. A recreation master plan will identify where we need our parks and what we can afford to maintain. The two parks in the Lake Auburn Watershed have not been maintained adequately for years... very sad since they are great community assets and enjoyed by all ages and abilities. The City's response has been to close one and sell off the other... really!?

So, as an Auburn resident, I urge the community to take action and get this PARK opened for Father's Day weekend.

Thank you very much to the Auburn Water District and the Lake Auburn Watershed Commission for their efforts and financial commitment to recreation in the watershed.

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One correction- Coffee at DOJO DIGITAL in the Engine House Bldg

Thanks for the nice promotion. We hope everyone in the twin cities will enjoy an event of the day.

This is one correction important to note- Coffee is on Spring Street (across from Auburn Public Library) in the Engine House building... this was the old central fire station.

8:30-10:30 Morning coffee, tea and treat at Auburn's Engine House. Dojo Digital will be providing free coffee to start off your day's activities. Remember when the City of Auburn's central fire station was on Court Street? Come see what they've done with the place and meet a new business in Auburn.

Last call will be in New Auburn at the Fire House Grille:
11:30 a.m. TO 11:59 p.m. – Last Call at the Fire House Grille. As we close out the day, come and share a laugh while enjoying a good Irish Whiskey or locally brewed beer.

Hope readers see the correction.l

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Great story on Winter Carnival

This story provides such a nice picture of winter carnival in Auburn. I'm going to save it and share with the Winter Fest 2014 Committee. We need to revive the enthusiasm and valued history of our winter celebrations.

Thank you.

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Great photos- your pictures definitely captured the day

Thanks Daryn for such fun photos. Yes, it was really cold, but the fire was hot, the place is beautiful and the company warm and welcoming.

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KP's is awesome food... have you tried the grill haddock?

I love KP's and thankful it's close enough to home so I can do take-out in PJs. I have been trying to watch my carb intake... but love the fried shrimp. A tasteful alternative when I'm behaving is the grilled haddock sandwich with no bun. KP gives it tto me on lettuce. The fish will melt in your mouth.

Now don't try the same- it's too much... I love the grilled fish and thought, it's fish I can eat a second piece... the answer is "NO"... bought two and had to eat the second later in the day. The portion is perfect, just need to slow down and relish each bite.