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Corrupt government

I see nothing funny about this story which I've already sent to the media and I hope they do a better job covering it than the Sun Journal which didn't even ask how such a disgraceful waste of taxpayer dollars could possibly be passed when it can't be justified!

Western Maine needs jobs.

Western Maine needs essential services.

Western Maine needs money spent on schools.


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worthy subject, unworthy response

Thank you for your serious attempt to discuss this issue.
Unfortunately, there was little interest in having a serious discussion which, in itself, is revealing. Apparently, the only people who took this editorial seriously are people who don't take anything seriously.

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very poorly written editorial

Besides trumpeting patriotism, this editorial says nothing about the numerous issues presented by residents since low military flights were proposed in 2007. A newspaper's editorial board has a responsibility to address the concerns of its readers which this editorial completely failed to do. The idea of low military flights over western Maine isn't a new one and there's always been plenty of opposition. Governor John McKernan and Senator Bill Cohen fought this idea when it was first proposed because they correctly understood how devastating it would be to an economy that was already struggling. Senators Snowe and Collins recently addressed a new issue in a letter they sent to the Secretary of the Air Force. "...basing F-35s in Burlington would warrant a significant revision to the Air National Guard's draft EIS proposing to reduce the minimum F-15 and F-16 training altitudes in Condor 1 and Condor 2. is our understanding that other aircraft authorized for operations in the Condor MOAs, including the F-35, would not be restricted from operating at the lower minimum altitude."
The Sun-Journal should consider writing an editorial that does justice to this issue and the residents of western Maine.

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Using Wall Street Bailout to pay for Jobs Bill

"Mike Michaud suggested using the more than $200 billion in unused Wall Street bailout funding, passed by Congress earlier this year, to help pay for the jobs legislation."

I can't imagine a better suggestion. Is it possible anyone is listening?

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A good result

It's nice to see something good come out of that fire.

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I think the Republican's redistricting plan is an attempt to put Kevin Raye into Mike Michaud's seat and eliminate Chellie Pingree's constituency. I don't think it's going to work. I don't think the legislature will approve this appallingly gerrymandered plan and I don't think Maine's Supreme Court will approve it.