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Oxford Networks

We used this company for many years while in business and never had a complaint. Very pleasant at every level of personnel. May they conquer their current challenges and be around for many more decades.

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Great photography!

Love it.

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Meaning of Grades

My thoughts exactly and E is for Enthusiastic, D for Determined. Give children a positive goal and encouragement -- they will meet and/or exceed your expectations.

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Courageous men and women

Under such overwhelming odds, what a wonderful job these people did containing the fire. A great example of team work from all the diverse towns and groups. Thank you for caring for your fellow citizens.

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Sounds like pure bliss

Articles like this one are wonderful for helping the general public know what's new and available in the world of cuisine. The banana and coconut dessert sounds fantastic.

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Dangerous highway

Maybe it's time to install a light like the one coming out of Hannaford's parking lot -- only works when needed but sure better than hoping to get onto Sabattus Street.

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Home pet groomer

Paws in Motion, 72 Marston Hill Road Auburn, ME 04210
(207) 784-3676

Check with this groomer.

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Cat Urine

Apparently this is the worst odor to remove. I had total success using the following and it doesn't cost a lot.

Urine Removal
There is one sure way to get urine out permanently without leaving a stain or any odor behind. This can be used on any surface or carpet or material. It's simple...

16 oz Hydrogen Peroxide
1 Teaspoon dish-washing liquid (I used Dawn)
1 Tablespoon Baking Soda

Mix together and soak area, leave on till completely dry; if a white residue appears it can be vacuumed or brushed away.

The instructions say to mix it in a plastic spray container, but it can't be stored because the container will explode.Just mix what you will use at one time.

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Lewiston is fortunate

Finding a repairman for a valued clock is hard to find. I've been very happy with his work and happy to hear my clock chime after many years. Thanks, Mr. Rohman.

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Pie Maker

In early February a gentleman was looking for a Sunbeam pie maker. Perhaps the appliance sold on the King Arthur Flour website may meet his needs. It is called a cupcake maker but describes in great detail its use in baking individual pies like Table Talk pies.

The website is