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Life just got a lot more difficult for Collins

Now we'll see if she is really what pundits say she is or just another tool of McConnell's crusade against all things Obama..

Before this happened, if McConnell had the votes to obstruct, he could let Collins play the moderate card. Now, in order to block a nominee, Republicans would actually have to put together a majority - 51 votes. The tyranny of the minority is over.


SOP for bigger businesses

Threaten to leave town or reduce the work force. When the blackmail works, claim the economy (or at least the market) is bad - something they should have known - and then pull up stakes or lay off the workers anway.

TRhe second half of the story will never be public. It's the part about taking the money and running.



This has to be an attempt at humor. If so, very hard to pull off on the internet where facial expressions and tone of voice are absent.

Then again...


The real reason

It's so politicized at this point that any Republican hearing the name Obama is in real danger of hypertension and an immediate visit to the ER.

What hospitals need to do is help people sign up for insurance under The Affordable Care Act - a popular alternative to Obamacare. ;-)


I was

sitting at my desk on the 7th floor of the Custom House tower in Boston, Mass. I told the cPO who told me that was a bad joke - then I saw he wasn't joking.

The trip home on the B&M, the Budd car was the quietest I'd ever heard it.


The verdict was blasphemous in so many ways

Sentencing the shooter, a Maine native now it denial that he was the shooter, to time in prison would probably not have changed much, but suspending his right to hunt for 5 years was a slap in the face of all those who would feel safe in a backyard bordering on woods. It should have been for life.

When I suggested that hunters told be I was too harsh.

I also heard hunters say Wood was to blame for not wearing 3 blaze orange articles feet from her own home in her own backyard in a residential neighborhood.

It is still us vs. them. The us being those who value human life more than the them's chest thumping "I got a deer" brag around a pickup at the corner store.

A few years ago, I heard shots behind our neighborhood. Gunshots are hard to judge, they could be a half mile, they could be a hundred yards. This was closer to the hundred yards because I then heard a man yell, "Did you see it?" The words I hollered back are not printable on a newspaper site. They were followed by silence.

I would hope that George Smith is correct that Rogerson would have been found guilty. I also hope that any judge worthy of his or her robes saw fit to introduce him to prison life for a few years and took away his right to hunt with any weapon or even own one for the rest of his life.



will also engage the target in seemingly idle conversation to pick up points they can use to make the victim think they're a "good person."

One elderly relative was overtly Christian, if the scammer identified themselves as a missionary, a pastor, a student at a religious school - she'd have mailed them her account numbers, passwords and the keys to her house.

Her children needed to keep close watch.


Why are you yelling?

And being insulting too.

There is a reason politics has become a cesspool and you've managed to show how it happened in one sentence. Congratulations. I think.


Pretty fair manure spreader

NH has very high taxes on real property to pay for services other states pay for with income tax. Business pays its share of taxes in NH too. NH also whacks tourists, something the Maine hospitality industry said would kill a major industry. It doesn't seem to hurt NH, but for some reason an extra $% for a weekend vacation will drive people away from Maine.

The truth - there's a factor we can't change. It's called geography. Though NH is our closest neighbor, they are also that much closer to the major transportation hubs and the markets. Manufacturing in Maine has centered on dying industries. Broilers followed the feed. Shoes followed the hourly wages and the paper industry has followed the forests.

NH's John Deere was preaching to the Peanut Gallery and they were stomping their feet and whistling.


Been yelling about this for years

The first thing I hear is that price controls are a commie librul (sic) pinko device to gain control of your brain and make you divorce your spouse, marry a person of your sex and begin to pray toward Mecca.

PHRMA is one of the owners of Congress and , sadly, the White House. I thought that might change in 2008, but it didn't happen. We can have all the health insurance subsidies you can think of, but until there are controls at all levels of the health care industry, costs will just continue to go up.

And you can buy an emergency inhaler - Ventolin - in Cuba after seeing a doctor part of a world class health care system. The Ventolin will cost under a buck, the doctor, if anything, not much more.

But that is communism. I almost wrote Christianity because it so closely mimics the philosophy of Christ, not the clergy, but Christ.

Oh well, off to find other windmills...flame away oh tiny-brained. :-)