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Bob Burge's book "The Go-Giver"

The Gentleman's name is Bob Burg. Alice

ticket discounts

This is a good idea in some ways. Problem is, though, some people are in a much better position to pay their tickets. I would like to see some way to "pay" for the crime that didn't involve money. Give a lecture at a school for instance.

unregistered contractors

It would be good if there were a mechanism for out of state contractors to have someone they could contact to find out what was necessary. Especially with a disaster, there are many people who take advantage, but there are also many people who really want to help. I remember years ago when we had a hurricane. A friend of my husband spend that day and the next two days going around and cutting down trees in roads and people's yards. FREE. He also would be doing something illegal in New York. Up here, he was just helping.

and Ron Paul is where?

I notice he is not even mentioned in this article. I believe that although he did not take Nevada, his 58% (I believe) in the special evening caucus was nothing to sneeze at. Many more people would be for him if they understood enough about economics to realize that he is right.

working outside the town where they live

Those statistics mean less because places like Rumford/Mexico and Lewiston/Auburn are joint. You could live in either and work in either. Also, many in L/A work in the Portland area but live here because it is cheaper.

use of fuel oil

It isn't necessarily that we prefer fuel oil Many of us have either little or no choice in the matter.

father not having visitiation rights

Could it not be that the attitude of it is always someone else's fault BE one of the reasons he didn't have the visitation rights. His killing of his family shows that they were not safe with him.


So how do I do it?

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dog rescued

How much you willing to bet someone dropped him?

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Jenkings for governor

I was expecting it sooner or later.