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P.S. Note to WGME, S-J and all the other media outlets

WHY IS THIS EVEN IN THE NEWS? All of you should be a little ashamed. Someone got hired. He got fired for not being the right fit. He did nothing harmful or illegal. Why make it "news" and potentially ruin Christmas (permanently) for who knows how many wide-eyed and curious children in your viewing/reading area. Thankfully, you haven't revealed the poor guys real name (shhhhhh!). Hopefully, you won't. That would be a real disgrace!

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Mall(s) needs to take some responsibly!

I wasn't there to see what really happened, so I don't know if Santa was having a bad day or not. However, it sounds to me like St. Nick was just enforcing Maine Mall's (and other retailers) policy of "no shoot, no sit" It's certainly the prerogative of the Mall or the scamming photographers (Santa's boss) to determine who gets to take advantage of the money-making gimmick (if that's what it is), but it shouldn't be left to him to have to be the bad guy (bearer of the bad rules). Hardly seems fair to throw Santa under the sleigh for somebody else's greedy old policy. Photos probably should be an OPTION, but if they are not, then post a big red and white sign and/or have the photographer or someone else at the gate do the dirty work. Let Santa be Santa by letting him allow ALL kids (who really don't care about anything else but telling him what they want for Christmas) to sit on his lap and whisper into his ear!

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"The Laramie Project" was a Community Little Theatre production

The writer of the article left out the fact that it was at L/A’s COMMUNITY LITTLE THEATRE that Linda directed "The Laramie Project," the story of Matthew Shepard, a gay college student who was murdered in Laramie, Wyoming. That remarkable production was part of CLT’s 68th season, and was performed in January 2008. The theatre has been fortunate to have Linda and Stan and their family involved in performing and leading in many shows at CLT over the years!