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Just proves

Your reading and comprehension skills are poor....but did see a Gravel a week ago and we can only hope soon......I'm in Lewiston and drove by the parrots house today, but he is never home even if he is inside.... East Ave all ripped up and hard to get onto Montello via East ave.

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More like

the other way around in which you and your Tealibans plebeians will be changing their Depends every day from soiling themselves.....

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"Brakey is easily accessible, listens, and answer questions."

Really, since he is easily accessible because, DUH, he is a nobody and you can find him at the theater..or at home....or dancing in his underwear maybe in your yard....

Really Robert that is so lame......

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Not to worry

He'll sell it as soon as he looses and heads back to Florida...the Fla mother-in law story is just another LePage BS story like he claims his old man beat him......more like he was a waste of skin as a teenager and the old man put him in his place....his other 17 siblings all stayed with the parents but him? HMMMMMM!

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Paul LePage’s eight greatest hits (VIDEO)

Words and videos tell a thousand words......

Pauly has been rated one of the ten worst guvnors in the country...

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You went to school with this hay-seed

so did my cousin and he barely made it thru HS....time to bring in a person that remembers where they came from and not wanting to deny others what he received, with food stamps and state aid....just think if he had to pee in a cup for his food, back in the day, he would be 80 lbs lighter....

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It will be nice of Maine to relieve themselves on Lepage

States that have implemented welfare drug testing regimens haven't uncovered high levels of drug abuse. Only 2 percent of Florida's TANF applicants flunked tests in 2011.

Tennessee began a drug test program in July and recently announced its findings from the first month. Of more than 800 people who applied for cash assistance, four refused to answer questions about drug abuse, six submitted to testing and one failed.

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The same folks that paid hundreds of Millions on another waste

of monies for the Tealibans pursuit to claim that voter fraud is out of control...Millions of taxpayers monies thrown into the dump by whom, Republicans and the Tealiban Parties.......
A comprehensive investigation of voter impersonation finds 31 credible incidents out of one billion ballots cast.

OUT OF a BILLION Ballots.....

To put this in perspective, the 31 incidents below come in the context of general, primary, special, and municipal elections from 2000 through 2014. In general and primary elections alone, more than 1 billion ballots were cast in that period.

Some of these 31 incidents have been thoroughly investigated (including some prosecutions). But many have not. Based on how other claims have turned out, I’d bet that some of the 31 will end up debunked: a problem with matching people from one big computer list to another, or a data entry error, or confusion between two different people with the same name, or someone signing in on the wrong line of a pollbook.

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Confucius say:

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.

LePage has none of those quality's.....

I think he either meant the 280 K of the Federal or the 140 on the Pioneer Plastic or he knows more than all the rest....

Speaker Boehner: Where are the jobs? Since House Republicans have had the Speaker's gavel.

0. Job Creation Bills. Tired of waiting?

Then we vote the sob's out....

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Tealibans have no problem spending money on failed policies

and dog and pony shows....and you do not hear any of these nimrods yelling about all the MILLIONS TAXPAYERS monies being wasted on the IRS and other witch hunt committees....

Benghazi, which has a totally concurrence by all the committees, has passed the smell test, that nothing of the sort that the Repubs lame accusations have failed and have NO merit, but the new Kangaroo Congress court that will waste again more millions adding to the $3.3 Million and growing. Let's not forget the $24 Billion plus wasted by the Repubs....SO they love to spend money and give nothing to the people of the US but to give the lawyers and themselves.

Millions they will waste on a lawsuit to sue the POTUS and those monies they will not disclose since the Repub cmmittee voted against disclosure of those millions to be wasted.

These are Conservatives, they have the mentality of "Oh lets throw mud and see if it sticks".....You would of thunk that these buffoons would have learned from others mistakes of other states, "On that dog don't hunt!", and LePage is only a MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO, person.

This is a LePage dog and pony show and nothing more and the Tealibans will not have an issue with it since it is a Repub doing it, but if this was a Dem Guvnor doing it, it would be spending and wasting money and they would be screaming about it......