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Oh Marcel the hypocrisy.....stick to your day job....

Earmark Hypocrisy? GOP Leaders Grilled on Spending
Sens. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and John Thune, R-S.D., held a press conference today to rip the Democrats' new 1,924-page, $1.1 trillion omnibus bill for containing $8 billion worth of earmarks.

"The bill is loaded up with pork projects, and it shouldn't get a vote," Thune said.

"I think this is an outrage," railed Cornyn.

But Thune and Cornyn have tens of millions of dollars for their own earmarks in the bill, including Thune's request for $8 million for B-1 bomber fleet maintenance and Cornyn's request for $1.6 million for the Texas Army National Guard Counter-Drug Task Force.

"How do you have any credibility on this?," asked ABC's Jon Karl.

"Because we're going to vote against the bill," said Cornyn. "This is the wrong way to do business."

"Senator, were you wrong when you put these earmarks in before," Karl asked.

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Marcel should research before he spews off and look

into the MANY Tealiban Repubs that have requested (Passed) earmarks like Sue Collins, Mitch Mitchell, Trent Lott, Colburn. McCain and so many more and so in Marcel's small capacity of a mind, it is only the liberals who have submitted earmarks adding expenses to his 46 cents analogy...

Sorry Marcel your BS doesn't pass the smell test....

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Wonder how many want to shoot Yogi! By leaving a picnic basket

"Opponents say a ban would hurt the state's tourism-dependent economy."
There will still be hunting with the question of being able to draw the animal "IN", instead of being a real hunter. If you cannot bait deer or moose, why should they be able to bait bears? You want bear meat or a trophy, WORK for it!

What does tourism have to do with bear hunting? Are there that many out of state bear hunters to assist in the market of bear meat to help the Maine resources? I don't think so!

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ought to bringing into the field of discussion about his Jamaican house guest ( His so-called adopted son that he LIES about) that is also a non citizen an immigrant and not an adopted son, like LePage claims.....

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Didn't you realize

They only want to protect those that are in a womb and once they are walking they want nothing to do with them in the US or from countries killing them and exploiting them, they want to see them die, starve, for that is the Tealiban Christian thing to do....

History will be written and the Tealiban Repub Party will be marked for centuries.....once the Latino base is established in the next 4 years they will never be in power ever again....Latino's DO NOT FORGET.........

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Qualifys you

as self absorbed, opinionated , self importance, snobbery, multi-egotistical, multi-narcissistic, and most of all a pompous liar.....even to claim yourself as AMR is totally showing you have a huge screw loose..... they have shrinks for you, you should invest your money there, that is where you need so serious help....on top of all that your condescension and your ego trip is so obvious to all it is amazing you still have your teeth..or do you?

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Only the bottom feeder

lawyers will getting anything out of the mine and once more the taxpayers will be getting the shaft from the Tealiban party once again with more rhetoric of BS....

I hear the people are tired of these fools spending millions on millions to chase a dime of total nothings and the polls this fall will reflect it.....Americans are tired of a do NOTHING Congress and run Congress for political showmanship and nothing more.

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That explains

why you have the brain of a vegetable, with the smell of decaying compost ...... enjoy your manured sandwich that you are so use to drooling......

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You are all about nothing but hot air in your dreams>>>>>

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Does't matter what HIS name is

You have one that is AWOL from what we hear back home in Lewiston....Julie, Judy , Joe what does it matter......