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Red lights

I do not blatently run red lights, and driving in 1" of snow in Maine to go to work is a normal activity. If you cannot handle it, leave the state. Running red lights is illegal unless driving an emergency vehicle. Auburn snow plow drivers are not considered emergency vehicles and should stop at all red lights and stop signs. I wrote this as a precautionary warning. Someone will get injured if this keeps occuring.

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How many named were actually students?

It is that time of year where friends and family come to visit during graduation week? How many of the arrested individuals are actually students? Could there be a number of friends/family who came for graduation on vacation and wanted a quick thrill by engaging the Police? Just a thought...

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Leavittdollface - Woose

Thank You Woose. I too went to Leavitt and than spent 4 very valuable years at Bates in the mid-2000's. Bates isnt just full of "Massholes", but also some very smart and talented locals who can honestly say they are not trust fund babies and have had to work for everything they have ever received.