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Wealthiest nation on earth

It is preposterous for you to say the U.S. isn't the wealthiest on earth. Size of the economy. Value of the land. Average income. I could go own. That we have a big debt doesn't change that.

Mainecare eligibility

Not all people whose income is below the poverty level qualify for Mainecare. If you are a non-disabled adult without dependents, there is no Mainecare eligibility, regardless of income.

Affordable health insurance options

Rep. Timberland states: "Why shouldn’t taxpayers insist that these 70,000 people buy the inexpensive new private market policies that have federally subsidized rates?"

Because they (or specifically, those who live below the poverty level) are not eligible for those subsidized plans. The tax credits are only available to families (of any stripes) at or above the poverty level. If you are below the poverty level, MaineCare is your ONLY option.

There are two options for solving the problem. Expand MaineCare. Or amend the federal law so that the tax credit is available to all families under the poverty level.

Rep. Timberlake says, "Too bad if you're poor, we can't afford to look after your health." How is it possible that we, the wealthiest nation on earth, cannot afford to look after our most vulnerable citizens? In his opinion, health care is something only middle class people are entitled to.

Help is available

The fellow interviewed (Bill Bryant) has a very complicated situation and he's not going to get all of his questions answered in a 60 minute lecture that's designed to hit the most basic ACA points.

Most folks are benefitting quite a lot from talking to a professional. If you want to DIY and spend hours at this, by all means go ahead, but if you've got better things to do with your time, talk to a professional. It doesn't cost any more (agents & brokers don't charge a fee to consumers) and you might save money (and certainly time).

You can reach us at 207-744-9822.

Michael Newsom
W.J.Wheeler Insurance


Myra now lives in Tennessee, near Nashville.

Hope you can join us for this great show.

Thank you

Personally want to thank the 135 cashmobbers who joined us last night, plus Erica Jed and the staff at Books n Things, Chris Farrar and the staff at Ari's Pizza, plus Oxford Federal Credit Union, Park Street Press, Zizi Vlaun, the Oxford Hills Chamber of Commerce, Norway Business Association and Norway Downtown for their involvement in this event.

W.J.Wheeler Insurance has been locally owned and operated since 1864 and we're pleased to support these local businesses via a cash mob.

Isn't it great that the people of the Oxford Hills could put on the largest cash mob to date in Maine?

This looks like fun

This looks like fun. I hope lots of people show up.


I live in town and I'm still not used to hearing what sounds like gunshots going off at all hours. I'll go with regulate, cause I don't think "educate" will work.

Wow Dan - take a chill pill

Wow Dan - take a chill pill - it was a JOKE! Y'know - funny? Raised / Razed. Do you think if I didn't know the difference I would have been able to make that comment?

So I read through your other comments and can see you're a bit of a hater and full of odd political ideas. Oh well, I'll just ignore you now. Later.


Anybody else think "Raised" meant knock it down and then wondered, how do you save a building by first knocking it down?