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Does Not Belong

A complex like that does not belong in Maine.

That is huge, gaudy, and ugly and has no business in the Oxford Hills area, or anywhere else in Maine.

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an insult?

Its only an insult if the law passed by referendum had been constitutionally valid. The justices fell that it isn't, and it will go all the way, but the Supreme Court may decide not to hear the case.

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Can I get a WTF?

It looks like Bonney and Clyde are gone for good.  The problem is, if we keep getting idiot crooks, the cops will be the ones getting lazy (see Chief Wiggums on the Simpsons) and when a real crook shows up, they won't know what to do about it.  I hope our Boys in Blue are keeping themselves up to date on all the investigative techniques and don't get lazy.

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I've read stories in local and national news that has given me the creeps before, but this is rediculous.  I agree with Jane3, where is the baby? 

Obviously the more serious crime is endangering the baby, but isn't it also a crime to neglect or abuse animals?  Leaving your dog in a vehicle while you go inside a store is as bad for the dog as it is for the child.  I hope they are also being charged with that as well.

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Jesus Party

He also tells kids that they don't have to honor their parents if they don't agree with what Taylor preaches.

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a "good" man?

Doug Taylor is a Pharasee and a hypocrite.  He is no more a good man than the men who persecuted the early Christians simply because they didn't agree with them.  His sole purpose is his own self-aggrandizement.  the "Rev" Taylor doesn't believe in the one key thing that Christ preached, Compassion.  He forgets "let he who is without sin cast the first stone".


Taylor has been seen just beyond the 100 set back from the Longley school handing out candy to kids to invite them to the Jesus Parties.  I don't know about you, but I was tought not to take candy from strangers, and if he is handing out candy to kids, he can make kids think that its safe to take candy from others.