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Just like your democratic

Just like your democratic President and Senate is doing in Washington. Telling everyone what they can and can't have for healthcare. No thank you. Someone who just votes party lines and is not interested in the people they represent is not someone we need here in Maine.

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michaud political agenda

I agree this is all politically motivated and it makes him no different then what is going on in Washington right now. If this is a sample of how he operates, we don't need it. At least LePage is open, up front and isn't afraid to speak his mind, which I know ruffles the feathers of thos PC people and the touchy feely ones also. LePage needs to stay right away fromt his subject.

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Mike Michaud Gay - So what!

In response to several commenters: Mike Michaud is a career politician and a mill worker. Might I say, a Union mill worker. Big Democratic party support right there!

I know he has done alot for the veterans, but I don't want to go back to the baldacci years of spend, spend, spend and someone who is backed by Unions.

He didn't come out with this now because of little whispers. That is just an excuse to bring this up for the people of GLBT communities. Homosexuality is such a big issue now, that no one in any campaign is going to make this an issue and thus won't be a distraction. If anyone tries to make anything of it, then they are going to come back and say that they have prejudicial issues with his sexual orientation.. Nope, this was done to gain another avenue of support from the GLBT voters. It was purely political.

I didn't read in the article it was the other party leaking this stuff. Don't forget the democrats are very good at leaking crap. Just look at your own party in the White House.

For the commenter who made the comments on Lepage. Go read the article from a couple of weeks ago in this paper and then go in and read the 8 chapters of articles and see what Lepage has done for human rights issues and the state. Go in and read how he worked in a bipartisan effort with a democratic leader on women and children's abuse issue. Read how this democratic politician gave him kind words for his leadership on this.

For all those that think this is going to be a campaign issue and you can't wait to see what LePage and Cutler fall on their face with this. Wait and see. You are going to see that they will say "It has nothing to do with how he will govern".


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LePage pays off hospital debt.

Finally a governor who does what he says what he would do. I voted for our governor and not ashamed to say it. He may be blunt, but people need to hear the cold hard truth and too many people don't want to hear it. For the Gamache comment, Mr. Stone is 100% correct. It was previous democratic administrations that caused this mess with the hospitals and who didn't have the guts enough to do the right thing and pay them off. This is no different then what is happening in Washington D.C... The Democrats want all these feel good programs but don't want to find a way to fund them. The U.S. government has taken in more money in history this year and yet they are still overspending. How is that? Anyway, I applaud our governor and the governor should not be taking a handout from the Federal government just to expand MaineCare. Where does the MPA think this money comes from? It comes from you and I and is not free money and I for one don't want my healthcare ruled by Washington D.C. I don't want my healthcare interfered with by having a bureaucrat between myself and my doctor and that is exactly what you are looking at. If you don't believe it go read the UNaffordable Healthcare act.

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oil train protesters arrested.

The most safest and efficient way to transport crude oil/gas etc., is through the pipeline. If they would get this through their protesting skulls they would be working on helping to expand this network of transportion, however, these people who have nothing better to do then protest are more than likely the same people who want us to depend on the government for our healthcare etc.

These idiots ought to get a job and do something constructive and make positive changes.

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lepage's comments on Obama

Governor LePage was correct. Pres. Obama had the opportunity to unify this country afterall he is 1/2 black 1/2 white but he constantly sides with the black community. Why he is going to make a speech on the anniversary of Martin' Luther King's "I have a dream speech" on Wednesday. Did he make a speech on President's day? We white people do not have a white peoples day and if we did and we had a rally why they would say we were racist. We can't win. I believe what was asked when they asked Rick Bennett if he heard racist comments by LePage. He said he didn't. This is another attempt by the democratic run media to put the screws to the republican.

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veterans graves

I should have also added to my comment, that we published all names in the local paper and for those wars after Viet Nam, we asked those to send us their DD 214 minus their SS # so we could have a list of those who went in after Viet Nam. This list should be kept at the town office. I don't know if the State Archives is going to continue with their lists after Viet Nam but I do know they said they only had gotten that far. Hopefully they will continue to keep those lists.

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towns to upkeep veteran's graves

There is no excuse for someone to say well who is a veteran and where are they buried? How do we know? Go to the Maine State Archives and go up there and get copies of all the veterans that would have gone in from your town of Buckfield and perhaps towns in your vicinity who might be buried in your cemeteries. I am working on names for a veteran's honor roll in our town and the Maine State Archives is your best way of getting veterans from American Revolution up through the Viet Nam War. These lists will also tell you what cemetery they are buried in. The State Archives will photo any information you want. It cost us $45.00 to get over 1,000 names for our honor roll. We also went to the cemeteries and cross referenced our names with the cemeteries because our honor roll is for those who went in from our town and a couple of other surrounding towns not for all those buried in the cemetery. My point is, that if you can get some volunteers to go out and list those in the cemetery, then it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. It is actually a very interesting project. As far as the money goes? There is always money to be found in towns to do things. I know it is up to the town to keep up these cemeteries so there should be funds in their budget to do this. The added work sounds like alot but if they take on this project and do a cemetery at a time, it won't be as bad as it sounds. Stop complaining, buck up and do it. These veteran's deserve to have their final resting place taken care of. I have no sympathy for those who complain about it.

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it's a sad day because of higher taxes

Those folks who can afford to pay higher taxes don't mind paying higher taxes as long as they can keep everything they have. When are people going to wake up that we can not continue both as a state and nation to spend spend spend and not think we are going down an ill fated road. Folks should make a budget themselves and see what it takes to live within that budget, and I mean, figure out exactly your net income for the month and your output and then divide it by 4 to see what you need to live on every week. A true budget. If I can't afford my budget then I am going to have to make cuts. I know some families who have cut out what we call luxuries now (cable tv and back to standard antennae) or have cut back the once or twice a month going out to supper. You know why, because they need to pay for the necessities in life and not just the things they want. Same with the state. Cuts have to come sometime, but you say, as long as they don't come in my lifetime great. Let's just continue to saddle this burden onto our kids. Well I say, cut taxes, cut spending, and yes I can well afford to pay the additional increases, but why should I. Why should I pay for all the crap we don't need? I may think our governor is crass and ill spoken, but you don't make cuts which are going to help the rich, cuts made are going to affect everyone, it's just those that can afford it don't feel it as much. Too bad folks couldn't get with the program and stop overestimating what is coming into the till thereby overspending....

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tar sands vote

As Mike Fox stated in his comments, I didn't realize until that night at the meeting when a local attorney made the comment that this vote is just a vote letting them know how we feel. This vote means nothing as far as the pumping of the tar sands. The pipeline and federal government will do what they do regardless. As I stated at the meeting, I have never seen any spill from the pipelines around here that I remember. You know we use these fuels and it doesn't bother people to use them to their own needs, so if they want to continue life as they know it, then stuff like this happens. The pipeline folks present at the meeting had facts on their side. One person stated that the environmentalists try to hijack these things and use scare tactics and they have statements of things they say have happened in other areas, but they didn't give you the facts that these problems were not related to the pipe of the pipeline but other factors. I say keep the fuel moving.