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LePage said he believes his

LePage said he believes his reforms simply will make public assistance more accountable?????

Who is he to speak about accountability??


I agree

Mainers should be outraged at the way this department is being run. It's time to call for Mayhew's resignation.


I just think his name should

I just think his name should be published. That's all.


remove him

I understand that the only way to remove him is if he is guilty of malfeasance. Just how much more does he have to do before that happens?


Does any one know the

Does any one know the address? If so, we can get the name on the city GIS map.


Thanks Jerry, but we don't

Thanks Jerry, but we don't need another racist in Sabattus. But, I agree, publish his name Sun-Journal.....

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Mark, do you have children?

Mark, do you have children? With a family, saving for 6-12 months is easier said than done. Quite often, things happen long before you can save that money. We saved here and there but one example of what happened is my husband getting hurt on the job, and had to to fight for his wc. We were a family of 5 and went 3 months without his income.

But then, we never had all the toys either. Our kids didn't not get extravagant Christmas presents. We tried to take the kids to a local theme park (Santa's Village) about every other year. That's when there friends were going to Disney World.

We purchased for our "needs" and not our "wants." Many working people don't understand that concept when they get into a financial crisis and continue with their 200 or so cable channels, expensive cell phone plans, gas guzzling SUV's, etc. That is irresponsible.

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I have to agree with you on

I have to agree with you on the "expensive toys" statement. I've been to some clients' homes in the past and have seen all the adult toys in their yard.....snowmobiles, 4 wheelers, etc. True, they might have had those toys before their financial crisis happened. When you are in crisis, you do all you can to get out of it including selling your expensive toys.

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I HAVE housed a few homeless

I HAVE housed a few homeless in my home over the years. What have you done for the poor besides criticize them?

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Working Poor is what I said

Yup, they are tax payers...