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Maine had federal help, no doubt

As long as the federal government pays incentives to the state and cities, we will continue to have increasing rates of homelessness. The state, in turn, pays cities (additional) incentives, someone lines their pockets and you see more and more signs on the corners begging for "help."

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What kind of reporting is this?

This "story" belongs in a rag newspaper. It has no business in a serious newspaper. The S&J has slipped - again.

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Great kids!

What else to say? The article, the actions, say it all.

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Fining landlords when their tenants misbehave?

I love the fact that Lewiston is FINALLY cracking down on welfare fraud. A few years ago I could have given you a list of blatant offenders that would have kept them quite busy.

But, my reason for writing is to say how idiotic and mercenary it is to fine landlords for the actions of others. That is only another way to collect money for the city's coffers and one that would offend me deeply if I still lived in Lewiston.

I am a landlord in Bangor. I have tenants in my own building. We are quite close with the tenants in that we often share meals and visit with one another. They are students at Husson. I am 60 years old and normally like to know what goes on in my house. As close as we are, most of the time, i have no idea where they are or what they are doing. Recently one of them had an argument in the dooryard with a boyfriend and the police were called by a neighbor. I was on the opposite side of the house watching a movie and did not know anything about it until late the next day.

Should I be held responsible if something had happened? I think it silly and communist to think I should be. If I didn't know of something so close, almost in my presence, but not quite, how am i going to be aware of anything that is carried on clandestinely in a building blocks or miles away? I could not be.

Welfare programs breed and exacerbate the very problems they are supposed to eliminate. Eliminate the welfare programs for all but the elderly and the truly disabled (NOT the bums that say they are disabled) and some of the problems will begin to go away. Section 8 housing, and like programs, encourage landlords to accept low-class tenants because the state or city come in and repair the apartments and pay the rent for these people. Many, if not most, of these people would go on to become upstanding citizens if their financial crutches were removed. Everyone in society would benefit.

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Much better attitude

Thank you for a rational response. I actually agree with your latest post to a large extent.

Let me point out, once again, the Somalians were only a (very) small part of my decision to move elsewhere. If they had been the only influence, I would be living in Lewiston area now. As I agree with what you said about time being of essence, I would have easily adapted to their presence as I have adapted to other cultures in my past and will do, once again, very soon in another country.

Be healthy.

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Glad you read; sorry you didn't understand.

Sorry you find my "arguments" stupid.

I don't think I would have said that I "love" the Franco culture, though I surely don't mind it. I was raised in it and I guess you could say it is a part of who I am and I happen to like who I am. On the other hand, I would NOT like to have the Somalian culture as a part of me. It's fine for them and I respect it - in their own country.

Maine has always had a high percentage of Canadian-French population. And why not? Being on the Canadian border, one should expect it to be so. As for me, I have no verifiable Canadian French blood in me, though some of us believe we may have a (Parisian) French connection back there somewhere. The Canadians came to the Lewiston area, built what was once a nice community and created many, many jobs for themselves and the locals, raiding the standard of living to a record high. As you said, "It made us better."What other culture has done that? Have the Somalians done that? Not to my knowledge.

And for that matter, when I wrote what I wrote, it was not my intent to attack the Somalians; They are only a part of what I feel has made Lewiston so unattractive, and lost, to me. It's the bums. It's the welfare mentality that started well before the Somalians arrived. It's the narrow-mindedness, the complete lack of understanding, I see, read and hear about, as evidenced, to a small extent, by your responses. It's the degradation of the educational expectations and requirements.

I applaud the fact that someone wants to laud L-A, perhaps to begin restoring L-A to what it once was. However, before that should happen, changes need to be made in the way the cities think as a whole. Sadly, I do not yet see any evidence of that. Sadly because, like the ex-lover I previously referred to, I still have feelings for her. I just can't live with her.

Okay, maybe I do love the Franco cultural thing.

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How about "Lost City"

To me, Lewiston has been lost. I lost her years ago.

I was born and raised in L-A. I graduated from the old Central Street Lewiston High School. I loved L-A and believed it to be the best place in the northeast. In the early 90's, I moved away to get a doctoral education. During subsequent vacations to the city, I observed how it was declining, how crime was rising and welfare rolls increasing, and how refugees were taking over the overall complexion of the city. I don't mean skin color. I have no problem with that. I mean the attitudes, the culture. Darn it! I don't want my culture to change overnight. I don't want to walk down a street that I played on as a child to see clothing and customs and hear languages that I don't recognize. I was perfectly happy to hear English and French in the same sentence. I could understand most of that.

I actually love other cultures, but I don't want to be forced to adopt any of them. I visit other countries and enjoy the differences and love the people. But when I am in their country I respect their differences and adapt. I would and should expect the same of them coming to MY country, my city. I don't see that and I resent it. I resent it anywhere it occurs. I don't resent their culture; I resent them changing mine. Perhaps I would feel differently if it occurred over generations, but it hasn't, it doesn't.

And the Somalians are only a part of why Lewiston is lost to me.It seems like a city of hopelessness. Like a Stephen King movie begining to unfold with emotionless corpses walking about with vacant eyes and no particular place to go. When I was a young man, Lewiston had its shoe shops and textile mills and there were jobs and lots and lots of money floating through the environment, settling down here and there to those who siezed on the opportunities the cities presented. On my return from academia, those opportunities were no longer common. Lewiston was no longer the place I could love. No longer the place I wanted my family to be. No longer a place I wanted to watch and try to take pride in. So, my return turned again and I settled elsewhere.

I miss what I remember of Lewiston but I will remember her as an ex-lover whom I grew to detest. Bittersweet. Lost.

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Poor reporting

Here is another short reportsquite annoying for it's lack of detail. Who was the "woman" and what are the details of that story. Is there no link? When was she charged, etc, etc?

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Lack of detail

I find these short reports quite annoying for their utter lack of detail. Do we no longer know how to report and write?

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The most necessary weapon was taken away years ago.

These flaming liberals took our greatest weapon against mass shootings (et cetera) away many years ago whenthey started chastising parents for disciplining their children. There is no longer social responsibility, no real sense of right and wrong! The babysitting X-boxes, game stations and violent movies with "shoot 'em and blow em up" games took away any chance at sensitivity. It appears that everyone needs to see blood and guts spraying the walls or it's not "good" entertainment. While it could be argued that these things don't necessarily influence a normal adult's behavior, they surely influence the way a young person looks at life.

When our society stopped saying "No" to our children and became more concerned about hurting feelings than we were about truth, reality and respect for others and their property, we brought this onto ourselves. Any idiot should know that a gun doesn't kill on it's own. Any idiot should know that responsibility, of all types, begins at home. The guns would best be controlled by teaching our youngright from wrong along with the social responsibilities that we all have - or SHOULD all have.

No, R Rhoades. You are wrong in your assertions. You, and your liberal ilk, bear full responsibility for the chaotic destination we are approaching. It is you and your illogical friends that have ruined this country.