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the yea say nay...

Just when you think you've heard it all, the great people of Maine speak again.This time biting the hand that feed them.Not a good move in my oppinion.
Well atleast I don't have to listen to Bailey from casino-no spill out his bull on the ill of gambling. Of course one thing for sure with Bailey he is a nay on gambling.I must add that is his business with few other questionable side shows.But he is consistent with opposing gambling.
I think its time we allow the cards to be dealt.May the strong prosper an the weak fade away.It is apparent we do not have the leadership to show us the way,so we the people must lead.One thing for certain is market will call the cards...

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times they are a changing...

No one is quiting the board? No one on the board up in arms about the gambling changes in Maine.
My, times change so fast in Maine. Wasn't just a short while ago that the board had one of its members quit(or threaten)over the expansion of gambling.
Maybe it was just one of Casino-No's savy maneuvers to influence the voting public, Of course that's my opinion.
How about the list of opposing Government people(current and past) and private parties that so vocally spoke out agaisnt Maine and the gambling saga. Now were have they gone, I would guess they all approve of gambling.
In all honesty I have not changed my mind of how I feel about gambling. Nor do I change my oppinion of any matter that I feel strongly about, and from what I read so many others did too at one time.
Do we live in a hypocritical state of mind in Maine.
Or my point... was it just the Maine tribes we opposed in allowing the ticket to ride. Ya, maybe...
How about the Penobscot's asking for a expansion with slots at thier high stakes bingo hall. That was a no, but hollywood slots gets a free ride with a county wide vote for table games. Is this expansion without all of Maine's approval.
Sure does look like that more an more to me. Just look, who's got the free ticket now.
Maine the way life should be...times they are a changing or are they.

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had again...

I feel sorry for the State of Maine...

We slammed the Passamaquoddy and Penobscots for trying to bring Vegas style gaming to Maine. And our very own Maine Elite slips the card under the table and invites them in to play. Just who are we here in Maine, Morons.

Well in all honesty I've been to the slot warehouse in Bangor and laughed ,this is a resort.I may check out Oxford, if I can find it.

But until Maine gives back to our Tribes. Maine, in my eyes will deal snake eyes.

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Voting in Maine made simple...

Simple answer to a simple question , not surprising Maine as a problem figuring out what is up or down.

As far as the students right to vote, it is simple. Unless they are paying instate tuition then they should be voting in their home states. Students pay out of state tuition for a reason.

It's a very simple process to sign up for absentee ballot. Now make that the law. Thats doing something worth while, writing laws that make sense.

I agree with Charlie, we must question voter integrity in some cases. Much like the Secretary of State validates voter in referendums.

Now keep it simple Maine, doing the right thing for the rights of the voter...And protect our system from voter fraud.

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Casino Who

Come on Maine ,just who really gives a darn what Bailey has to say about anything. Except for maybe Gorman of LLBean who's given Bailey tons of anti-casino money.

Gorman your messenger is bogus, find a new puppet.Your message may be heard.

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time to lead...

Yes Governor Lepage the people of Maine have spoken...
First with the Maine Lottery then with Hollywood Slots (classy Name). Adding the Power Ball and the Oxford Casino, all points to me in the direction of gambling approval.
Now it is time the leadership of Maine takes the gambling saga and fine tunes it for the interest of the People.
Less of course we do as past leadership and pass the decisions on to the people who know nothing about the issues at hand.Isn't this the reason why we vote our reps and senate to address the issues. Another point is ,if we keep giving the people the vote why do we need the House and Senate. We can lead ourselves.
Now lets lead as many other state in the Union has done, or pass the issue again to the people, the easy way out.
Maine is open for business,Now Governor walk the walk and talk the talk and lead...

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time to lead...

Yes Governor Lepage the people have spoken...
We spoke when we approved the Maine lottery , we spoke when we appoved powerball and Hollywood Slots(classy name)and now the Oxford Casino. I don't need no more convincing Maine supports gaming.
Now is the time our Leadership should lead.I would like to see the people we elect handle the gaming issue from here on out. Now take the game and fine tune it for the best interest of the people. Much like every other state in the Union has done.
Mister Governor we are open for business here in Maine , now walk the walk and talk the talk...

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hot air...

Who really gives a damn what Dennis Bailey has to say...really can it be true.
Now lets stop giving him the time of day . Just who is in your group, we never heard from any of them in Oxford. Have you lost your following.
I call your bluff Dennis , now lets see your cards. I bet there is a joker in that hand. I think your full of it, and so doesn't many more.
What a joke...

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another uninformed reader

Marooned, the Passamaquoddy never had a drug distribution center. The books would have been open in every  case they proposed, they were asking for no "special rights". Hiring qualified senior postions would of course require going outside the tribe.

Now your point is what, are your anti-gambling or anti-Indian or maybe work for the hypocritical Casino-No people...I believe the tribes first casino project would have been a good deal for Maine. Now I ask were does the money go.

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anothern view

Dennis , just how much time does or did your puppeteer Leon Gorman of LL Bean spend in August to fight the Indian Casino or the other casino's for that fact .

I could care less if Oxford gets a casino or not , but what I would like to see is the hypocrites of this state be called out for the two faced people they are. 

And, I believe that Mr. Martin is not one of them,But Casino-no is another subject.

Gambling is gambling Dennis ,untill your group opposes it all. I find your cause full of sour grapes. Now stick to what you do best, lying to the people.

You can get away with it here in Maine . The people in Maine will believe you Dennis, you are the choosen one.

What joke...